Aloha Friday Photo: A honu way to view Waikiki

Mahalo to Ben Saunders for sharing these awesome photos  with us for Aloha Friday Photos. What a great shot of Waikiki, Diamond Head, that beautiful blue ocean and, of course the honu (Hawaiian sea turtle.) It’s a honu way to view Waikiki.

Here’s what Ben tells us about this experience,

I was lucky enough to have this Sea Turtle come up next to me while I was swimming at Waikiki. Just one of the reasons to visit Hawaii!!

Oh, yes, Ben was quite fortunate! Every encounter with a Hawaiian sea turtle is thrilling.

Here’s an excellent underwater shot of the turtle.

Here’s another view of the turtle coming up for air.

We’re trying really hard not to be jealous of Ben for having this cool swimming buddy. 😉

Happy Aloha Friday!

    1. We normally do, Michael. I guess by the who-knows-how-many-times we’ve posted a honu photo, we’re bound to forget. But anyone who reads this site regularly should know to not approach too closely. Though, we’ve often discovered that the animals sometimes approach or come nearby us, which we believe to be the case in this scenario.

    2. As Ben says, “I was lucky enough to have this Sea Turtle come up next to me” – maybe the Honu haven’t read the links you posted Michael. 😉

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