Take me there Tuesday: Akaka Falls, Hawaii Island

Akaka Falls

Akaka Falls is one of the Big Island’s most iconic waterfalls. With a forceful 442-foot plunge, it’s well worth the stop to take in this magnificent waterfall. To learn more about visiting this waterfall, see our Akaka Falls post.

There is a short walk to get to the overlook, but you can enjoy glimpses along the way.

On our most recent visit in March, 2017, we were able to see the top of snowcapped Mauna Kea from the entrance to Akaka Falls State Park.

From the entrance to Akaka Falls State Park, you can sometimes see the top of the falls and on a clear, winter day like this one, the top of snowcapped Mauna Kea.

We include a visit to Akaka Falls as part of our scenic drive plan from Kona side to Hilo side as well as our Big Island itinerary.

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