Do you have 2017 Hawaii vacation plans? (Hawaii calendar giveaway)



As our thoughts start to turn towards the new year, our wish for you is that 2017 includes a visit to Hawaii. Is a Hawaii vacation in your plans and/or dreams? Please comment to let us know of your 2017 plans to visit Hawaii.


From the comments, we’ll randomly choose a winner of this gorgeous Lana’i desk calendar by our favorite Hawaii artist, Mike Carroll. Enter your comment by December 31, 2016 to be eligible to win. One entry per person, please. Be sure to use a valid email address in the appropriate window/box, so that we can contact you if you are chosen as the winner. If you are a first time commenter, please allow a few hours for your comment to be approved and displayed.

  1. We will be arriving on the Big Island in just a few weeks–our favorite place to vacation. There are so many things to do and places to go there!

  2. Yes! Waikiki in March. Have been going there for spring vacation every year for the past five years. March 2017 will be my 6th time – can’t wait!

  3. My daughter is getting her BA in May. Two days after she walks, we leave for Oahu for 10 days! We visited 8 yrs ago with friends, this time it is just the two of us and looking forward to it.

  4. My husband and I are visiting Kauai in late February for our early 20th anniversary trip! We have previously been to Oahu, but this will be our first trip to the Garden Isle. I am so excited!

  5. we got engaged on our first trip to Hawaii in Sept 2016, and we planning our next trip so we can get married there <3!! July 2017

  6. We head to Maui in a couple days – very excited to see our majestic humpback whales again as well as Burn’n Love show. One week on Maui then over to Kauai. What better way to start a New Year!

  7. Maui is the island for us in 2017. We are making our way through all of the islands having already visited the Big Island and Oahu.

  8. We are coming in February to celebrate our 50th wedding anniversary. We will be visiting and staying in Oahu, The Big Island-both Kona and Hilo sides, Maui, and Kauai, with a day trip to Molokai for a visit to the Fr Damien leper colony. We will be visiting several national parks, hiking to beautiful waterfalls, watching lava flow, and taking many whale watching trips, as well as a sunset dinner cruise off Kauai to the Napali coast. Hawaii is one of our very favorite places to visit. Each island is so different from the others as is the windward and leeward sides are also different on each island. On one of our trips, we also went to Lanai. Being in our 70’s, when we visit the island we consider this our “Amazing Race” and we come home to winter in the Midwest with many beautiful memories. We love to celebrate the anniversaries divisible by 5 by coming to this beautiful state.

  9. Planning to bring our children, their spouses and grandchildren to Maui in late 2017 to celebrate our 40th wedding anniversary.

  10. Sure do .. staying 10 nights at Pacific Beach Hotel in June.. this is our second visit .. we loved it so much the first time

  11. Just arrived home today from a two week trip on the Big Island. Our vacation was perfect and we plan to go back in 2016. Go Visit Hawaii was very helpful in planning our recent trip.

  12. I’ll be back in Hawaii 02/02/17 for my 3rd visit in the last few years & my girlfriend will be coming down to share this amazing place with me! We were together the 1st time in 2014 we broke up & now that we’re back together we are coming back to Hawaii! Can’t wait to make our best memories here again! ❤

  13. My cousin and I will be on the Big Island in February 2017 when we both turn 65 on the same day!

  14. Returning to Hawaii is a dream I’ve been dreaming about for years and I’m very much hoping that 2017 will be the year for that dream to come true!!

  15. aloha,will be returning back to ko’olina in october of 2017.
    cannot wait to be back there at my 2nd home.

  16. I’m always dreaming of returning to Hawaii. Went 3X in the 80s, last time in 2001 hitting different islands with my beloved late husband. Would love to return to Kauai once again. Bigger dream would be to bring my elderly mom so that she can experience the magnificent beauty.

    1. Do not wait! I had always dreamed of bringing my parents to “my Islands”- sadly, I never achieved that goal as “life got in the way”. This past May 2016, I shared the spreading of my parents’ ashes in a fave spot of mine on Maui with immediate family – lovely little sacred ceremony. I only wish I had had the time to bring them personally. I know for sure tho, I did the right thing – I shall return Sept 2017 to visit their resting place. I know they are happy. Aloha

  17. My husband and I are visiting Hawaii February 8-18th for our 22 wedding anniversary which is on the 10.
    So excited since we are from Michigan and just got 90+ inches of snow in 2 weeks we will be more than ready for fun in the sun.

  18. Heading to Oahu in February. Staying at the Hilton Hawaiian Village. Can’t wait to be on the beach, to listen to the ocean waves, to explore all the different regions of the island. I love the people of Hawaii. The incredible beauty at every turn. Mahalo & Aloha!

  19. I have a milestone birthday in October 2017, and I’d like to make it a Hawaii 5-0. Never been, but I think it’s time.

  20. Love Hawaii! We are here for 3 months, out of the winter blues! Visiting 4 islands. Happy holidays!

  21. We would love to make our dreams come true and travel in October 2017 – the long way from Germany.

  22. WE will be celebrating our 40th wedding anniversary on Oahu with our son and family in 2017!!

  23. Yesss, we are going back to the Hawaii the Big Island in October of 2017.
    Go visit Hawaii is a great informational website that I constantly refer to.

  24. Hi,
    We are coming to Honolulu for a second time in April 20th to 26th staying at the LLikai, Having only recently moved back to Australia after 40 odd years in Papua New Guinea we love to visit Hawaii where we can relax safely and just feel so good, can’t wait.
    Geoff Baker.

  25. Planning to take my Mom back to Honolulu in May. She met and married my Father just weeks before he was to be stationed there in the Coast Guard. It has been her dream to go back.

  26. Coming to Maui in a few weeks….can’t wait to escape the cold of Chicagoland for the beauty and warmth of Hawaii

  27. I’ve worked for the same company for over 30 years. Their gift to me is a weeks vacation anywhere in the domestic US. I picked Hawaii! We plan on going early summer.

  28. My sister and I are going to Maui in April, and we can’t wait! It will be our fifth trip to Hawaii and second trip to Maui since 2010. (Obviously, it’s our favorite vacation spot.) We’re hoping to go to the Big Island in 2018 too.

    I would love to win this beautiful calendar!

    Thanks for your work on this website,

  29. For the 21st time, I shall be in Hawaii on Maui on Sept 16, 2017. Even tho I may grow older, the feelings I get when I see pics of my Islands, never get old. Timeless for sure. Can’t wait and I LOVE this website!

  30. Planning a big 30th wedding anniversary for October. We have not been there since 1997 after 4 visits in less than 10 years. Just got busy raising the kids and visiting other places and Hawaii just keeps calling us back. Maybe even for retirement. Plan to visit Honolulu as it has been awhile and I never went to Pearl Harbor, Kauai (one of our faves) and then Maui. We plan to do a cottage in Kauai so we can experience real living and peace and quiet away from Chicago. I am thinking of doing the Hilton Hawaiian Village in Honolulu as I have never been and it is one of the most talked about hotels. A condo in Maui. Any advise?

  31. So here’s my story… In 1977 my hubby visited Hawaii (before we were married in 1981). I had opportunity to go with a University (Canada) group in 1979, but we were engaged and he said “no wait – we’ll go together after we’re married”. OK – we were married in 1981….. and finally we have a week booked in Maui starting January 6!! I am sooooo excited I am also planning a trip with our married children (party of 6) to Kauai in April 2018!!! I want them to see it too!!! I would love a calendar to celebrate this very important Hawaiian year of much excitement ahead!!!!!

  32. I started planning our trip earlier this year for our 20th wedding anniversary in June 2017. We intend to visit all 50 states during our lifetime and I can’t wait to check Hawaii off the list!

  33. I am thrilled to say that we will be there in exactly two weeks! Ten days on beautiful Maui. I can’t wait!

  34. Hawaii is on my bucket list. Since I’m celebrating a milestone birthday in 2017 of age 60, this is a perfect time to come!

  35. Wow, so many exciting trips planned … and so many wonderful milestones to celebrate! Thank you all for your comments!

    We numbered the entries and used a random number selector. Our winner for the desk calendar is Carol Zilic.

  36. My husband and I are planning a trip to Kauai and Maui for our 20 year anniversary in April. Our first visit…I am so very excited!

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