When do flowers bloom in Hawaii?

A tropical garden on Lanai. This photo was taken in winter 2016.

Hawaii’s weather is summer-like all through the year. Even during the “chilliest” months of January and February, daytime highs average in the upper 70s or lower 80s in Fahrenheit. (That translates to around 26/27 degrees Celsius.)Β With this lovely warm weather, the Hawaiian Islands make a great home for tropical flowers to bloom all through the year.

What kinds of blossoms are you likely to see flourishing in Hawaii all through the year? Let’s take a look at several examples.

A plethora of hibiscus varieties thrive in Hawaii and bloom all through the year.


Many variations of ginger bloom all through the year.


Bird-of-paradise bloom through all seasons.


Red and pink anthurium bloom in all seasons.


Heliconia bloom in all through the year.


Plumeria can bloom throughout the year in Hawaii, though some varieties can be slightly dormant in the winter.


Bougainvillea are always in bloom in Hawaii.

Pink Bougainvillea

As you can see, many plant and tree varieties bloom through the year in Hawaii making it a tropical paradise. The above list is not exhaustive. We only listed the main blooms that came to mind as we were thinking of plants that are usually in abundance and always flowering.

Though Hawaii is always in bloom, there are some plants and trees that bloom seasonally. Here are some examples:

Jacaranda trees bloom in the spring.

Jacaranda Tree

Rainbow Shower trees bloom in the summer in Hawaii.

Rainbow Shower tree bloom. Photo by Go Visit Hawaii reader Selene Betzer Mcbee.

Poinsettias grow outdoors in Hawaii and bloom in the winter.


In addition to all the beautiful flowers, Hawaii landscapes are also dressed with tropical foliage like ti leaves, ferns and palms. It’s truly gorgeous.

What’s your favorite flowering tree or plant in Hawaii?

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