Aloha Friday Photo: King Kong’s Profile on Kauai’s Kalalea Mountain

king kong 1
Kalalea Mountain on Kauai

Mahalo to Laura and Marco, who are wonderful, longtime subscribers and Aloha Friday Photo contributors from Italy, for sending these excellent Kauai photos and story.

Here’s the story they shared of seeing King Kong’s profile at Kalalea Mountain in Kauai.

The first photo was taken during a tour around Kauai on August 2014.

Driving north from Kapa’a on Highway 56, after passing mile marker 14, our guide pointed out the mountain to our left:  Kalalea Mountain. Our  cheerful guide told us that the second peak from the left was referred to as King Kong’s profile, since it resembles the head of the big ape featured in the 1976 remake of King Kong  (which was partially filmed on Kauai).

To be honest I didn’t recognize the profile at all  … until the moment when, at home,  my husband made a little editing (See the second picture !) NOW I can see where the  King Kong’s profile is!!   🙂

king kong 2
Cleverly edited photo showing King Kong’s profile at Kalalea Mountain

Mahalo to Marco for the excellent photo editing skills that have helped us all to see King Kong’s profile.

Happy Aloha Friday!

  1. Sure does look like King Kong!

    I’ll make sure to stop by and say hello in April.


  2. When I was there 30 +years ago, it was called Monkey Head mountain, it was considered bad luck to talk to it.we did not believe it, not only did we talk to the mountain we swore at it. WE wrecked 2 jeeps ,and the engine on our plane came loose going home.
    We do not talk to Monkey Head anymore. JUST TELL THE STORY

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