Aloha Friday Photo: “Jurassic Park Waterfall” – Manawaiopuna Falls

jurassic park

Mahalo to Marco and Laura from Italy for sharing this awesome waterfall photo with us for Aloha Friday Photos.

This waterfall, Manawaiopuna, became famous for its appearance in the movie “Jurassic Park.” As Laura said, “In fact it is the stunning background of the famous sequence of that movie, when the helicopter is landing on Jurassic Park island with the archaeologists onboard.”

Marco and Laura took this photo while taking a helicopter tour with Island Helicopters who have exclusive access to land at Manawaiopuna Falls. Marco and Laura said, “The landing was breathtaking and we were able to walk very close to the falls and  admire their majestic beauty.” That must be an incredible experience. 

Coincidentally, we watched “Jurassic Park” again this week in anticipation of seeing the sequel, “Jurassic World”, which opens today. I noticed the helicopter landing pad that’s at the foot of Manawaiopuna Falls in the movie. I thought it was odd because we’ve take a few helicopter tours in Kauai and flown over this waterfall, but I never noticed a landing pad. Marco and Laura answered this mystery: “The movie sequence was shot just a few days before Hurricane Iniki hit Kauai:  the landing platform seen in the movie was completely destroyed by the hurricane.”

Marco and Laura were visiting Kauai last August – just after Hurricane Iselle. So the water fall was full and fast flowing.

Happy Aloha Friday!

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