Hawaii-themed prize pack giveaway


Let’s get 2015 started with a giveaway! This Hawaii-themed prize pack includes a Hawaiian pictorial 2015 calendar, a bag of Hershey’s kisses with macadamia nuts, a luggage tag, a coconut tree sticky note pad and a carved wood honu.

To enter to win this  giveaway, all you need to do is comment here (on this blog post that you are currently reading on GoVisitHawaii.com) to answer these questions:

Are you making plans to go to Hawaii in 2015?

Which Hawaiian Island(s) do you want to visit? 

Enter your comment by January 11, 2015. The winner will be randomly selected on January 12, 2015.

Please note that we will contact the winner via email. Therefore, you must use a valid email address in order to win. Your email address will not display in the comment.

Good luck!

  1. No plans this year but April 2016 for my 60th birthday I’ll be going to Oahu with several friends! 😀

    1. We plan to go to go to Hawaii in fall 2015 to celebrate our 45 wedding anniversary. We want to visit Maui and Oahu.

  2. No plans this year (as of now unless I can talk my husband into it!) but definitely in the next couple of years!! I want to go to Kauai or Maui next time… Been to Oahu twice! Hawaii is my favorite place in the entire world…Aloha!

  3. I plan on going in October 2015 with my new fiancé. We are going to Oahu to see what it will cost to get married there.

  4. I’d like to work Hospice of Kona this year, and I would love to visit Kauai, as always, because it’s my favorite island…maybe even hike the Kalalau again 😉

  5. Hopefully I’ll go this year but if not sureley next year back to Oahu to see more of this beautiful island

  6. i plan every day to visit every hawaiian islands…it will be never possible for me…but is a big dream !

    greatings from Germany 🙂

  7. No specific plans at the moment, but I hope to go back to visit as it Oahu again in the near future. Such a beautiful piece of paradise!!!!

  8. Yes, I am planning on going to Maui in December of this year. I like all the islands I have been to but Maui is my favorite!

  9. plan to return to maui for a month. can’t come soon enough……..aloha

  10. February 3 is our departure date for the Big Island, Kona. 2 1/2 weeks this trip. Can’t wait! We love the Big Island. Kuaui is our other favorite.

  11. I’m planning on visiting Hawaii later this year. I’d love to visit Oahu to see beautiful sunsets and also the set of Hawaii Five-O. That’s a big dream of mine.

  12. No plans for 2015 unfortunately…but definitely heading back to Oahu in Jan./Feb. of 2016. Need to escape the Michigan winters. Love Hawaii! Aloha!

  13. Not sure about this year. Been there the past two! Would like to get back to the big island and also Maui.

  14. Unfortunately I won’t be making it to Hawaii this year 🙁 I’ve been to Oahu a few times and would love to visit Maui next.

  15. Yes we will definitely be visiting this year. We arrive in February and cannot wait! We are visiting the Big Island for a few days then going back to Maui which is our favorite. It’s a second home for us. 🙂 Aloha!

  16. No plans to visit in Hawaii but I plan to visit in April 2016 to see my old roommate get married. I will spend some time on Oahu and I hope to either go to Maui or the big island for some exploring time too! 🙂

  17. Taking the family to Hawaii for the 1st time over Spring Break.

    Will be visiting Kauai!

    Very excited.

  18. no plans. need to get out of debt first. then start saving money.
    id love to revisit oahu and the big island. my two favs. miss them both dearly.

  19. Looking now to book my Hawaii fix for 2015 , I love All the Hawaiian Islands , but my heart belongs to Oahu 🌺🌴

  20. I am not planning to go in 2015, but have plans for Feb. 2018
    I am going to Maui and Molokai 🙂

  21. We are not planning on going to the Hawaiian Islands this year, but we have friends that are going to Maui in July – we are so jealous!!!!

  22. Our plan is to visit Hawaii this year for our 20th Anniversary – hope that happens! I have never been to Hawaii, but would love to visit Maui, Oahu, and as many as we possibly can!

  23. No plans this year – we were there for our honeymoon last year – visited Maui, the Big Island & Oahu — next trip we want to go to Kauai!

  24. Aloha! So very excited to go to Hawaii this year, for a very special reason. My daughter and her wonderful fiancé are getting married on Makena Beach in Maui on April 22nd this year!!!!!! All the parents and some close family will be joining them! The newlyweds will then go to Kauai for their honeymoon. Can’t wait


  25. My husband and I will be traveling to Hawaii in late February into March. This is our first trip to Hawaii! We’ll be visiting Maui, Kauai, and Oahu. We are very excited to go!

  26. Yes end of january to feb 9th, the Big Island. Really looking forward to the visit.

  27. I am always making plans to come to Hawaii! I always look for best deals.
    Maui is my favorite Island and is where I will come visit and hopefully move to one day!

  28. We are hoping to take our daughter to Aulani on Oahu this year, probably in the fall. She loves Mickey Mouse and we love Hawaii, win-win! 🙂

  29. We have family on the Big Island that we’ve never visited. We are hoping to book a trip in the summer of 2015 to see them. Wish us luck!! Mahalo!

  30. I currently live on Oahu, so I am not making plans to come to HI in 2015 (this answers the first question). For the second question, I would like to visit Big Island for the volcanoes, hot springs, and it is the furthest south. I have been to Maui also, and finally would like to visit Kauai to see the canyon and the Na Pali coast hike i would like to do part of.

  31. Went in 2014. Going back in 2017 for milestone birthday!
    Want to rent a beach house. Oahu, Maui, Big Island, Kauai, any of them will be fine! Still need to see the Bishop Museum and Makapuu Light. Hawaii was wonderful in 2014!

  32. I am booked to go in February to the island of Oahu, staying near Waikiki Beach. I love Hawaii so I am super excited!

  33. I LOVE HAWAII! No plans in 2015 (just went to Maui in Nov. 2014), but plans to go Jan. 2016 & can’t wait! Next time I visit I want to go to all the other islands.

  34. We have a trip planned for this coming March! We will be staying in Waikiki the entire two weeks but I’d really like to try to plan a quick visit to Hawaii Island to see the active volcano during this time.

  35. Aloha! I hope to make it to Hawaii in 2015, but have no official plans as of yet. I want to go to all the major islands, but I would most like to visit Kauai and the Big Island, mostly the Hilo area for the lush tropical landscape. Mahalo!

  36. My husband and I will be taking our son, his wife and our 2 grandchildren to celebrate our 50th wedding anniversary in June 2106 to Maui and Kauai.

  37. 1. We are making plans to visit Hawaii in Jan/Feb of 2015.
    2. We are going to Maui, Oahu, and then Kauai where we will renew our wedding vows on our 34th Anniversary.

  38. We were in Maui last May 2014 for my son and new daughter-in-law’s beautiful wedding. First time experiencing Hawaii’s beauty and culture, and would love to return to celebrate their anniversary with them, and visit the other islands. So much to see.

  39. Yes and soon. We are booked again to go to Hawaii, coming up soon,in February. Our fist trip to Hawaii was to Maui, and we have been back there a total of 6 times. Oahu sounds too busy and Kauai too rainy. So with only one major vacation a year, we go back to beautiful, peaceful Maui.

  40. My husband and I are going to the Big Island for our first time to celebrate our 10th anniversary in less than 2 weeks!!! I am so excited and have been using your site a lot to help me plan. 🙂

  41. Yes, we are currently making plans to go to Oahu this year to celebrate my birthday (won’t say which one!) as well as have a birthday celebration with my godfather who lives in Honolulu; he turns 90 years young this year! We haven’t seen him for over 16 months (last visit was 9/2013) and can’t wait to see him and the beautiful Islands again!

  42. Just love your site and newsletter.
    yes, we are planning a trip to Maui this year for our 32 anniversary, February 12th.
    Looking forward to it.

  43. We are going back to the Big Island in August 2015. We went last year at that time and had a blast! The Hilton Waikoloa Village is the best place to go for vacation!

  44. I hope to return this year, my visit in 2014 to the Hyatt Maui was wonderful. Maui is the most beautiful place I have ever been and I hope to be in Kauai by March this year

  45. Aloha GoVisitHawaii! You are my go-to site for all the latest news about Hawaii! We lived there (on Oahu) and our son is a kaamaina keiki! Plan to return for our 45th Anniversary this year – to Kauai. Keep up the great work! Mahalo niu loa!

  46. Maui would be my first choice then Oahu. Waiting for work schedule to lighten up.

  47. Will be visiting Kona in April. Can’t wait!!!! Kauai will be the last island left to visit after this trip. So far Maui is our favorite but from what I hear Kona will change that. 🙂

  48. Planning to return to Oahu over the Holiday Season 2015 and with a little luck, a short trip to the Big Island.

  49. I won’t be able to go this year but hopefully next year. I would love to go back to Maui.

  50. Aloha Sheila and Andy! ‘Go Visit Hawaii’ is a terrific resource. In 2015, my wife and I will be returning to Hawaii for our 9th visit and this time to Oahu. Really looking forward to it.

  51. No Hawaii for me this year, but my husband and I are planning a trip in 2016 (I’ve never been!) and we haven’t decided which island.

  52. In 2015, my wife and I will be returning to Hawaii, this time to just to Oahu. Really looking forward to it.

  53. Don’t have any plans to go to Hawaii this year yet!! But would love to visit Maui. Have visited Kauai once and it was gorgeous.

  54. I really, really want to go back, but have to save up the money. When we finally go, it will be to Oahu and Kauai(Our first trip was a cruise!
    Thanks for the great giveaway!!

  55. We are going to Oahu and The Big Island in 2015. Love the beaches on Oahu. So excited to see Hawaii and the volcano. So many great things to see and do.

  56. We will be going back to Oahu in August 2015 and for the first time will be taking the entire family with us. Can’t wait!!

  57. We will be making our first trip on an odd number year. In the past we have been going to Hawaii on even number years.

    We will be visiting Oahu and Maui

  58. My dream is coming true Feb 1, 2015 ! I read GoVisitHawaii.com for all the great tips…Thank you!

    Nadine 🙂

  59. My husband and I will be on Oahu on Jan 28th. A side trip to Lana’i is in the works!

  60. My mom, sister & I want to return to Hawaii…permanently. But if wishes were honus. We hope to come again in 2016, we loved Oahu & the Big Island and would like to spend time on Maui & Kuhai. The people were the nicest, kindest and most welcoming. They called my mom ‘Auntie’ and we loved it all.

  61. We have not yet planned our vacation this year, but Oahu is at thew top of our list. Flying to Hawaii isn’t as cost prohibitive as it used to be. Through Allegient you can fly to Hawaii for as much as it would cost to go to Florida.

  62. I would love to visit Kauai or Maui this year. don’t know if it is going to be able to happen though.

  63. Heading to Kailua-Kona March 2015 for two weeks. Helping to throw a first birthday luau for my grandson. Miss the Big Island so much and this will be my first time back since moving to the mainland from Kona in 2009.

  64. Are you making plans to go to Hawaii in 2015? I wish!
    Which Hawaiian Island(s) do you want to visit? Any and all of them. Have ALWAYS wanted to go.

  65. Will be arriving in Honolulu on Jan 15 2015, cruising 4 islands in 7 days aboard Norwegian’s Pride of America with my husband and another couple. We all are so excited, hoping the weather is perfect! Maui, Kauai, Oahu, and Hawaii, the Big Island are on our itinerary.

  66. No plans to visit this year but I do plan to take my wife and boys to Maui in 2016. My wife and I have been to Oahu, Kauai and Maui. The boys will have no idea till we get to the airport. Can’t wait!!

  67. Hopefully we’ll go sometime before Sept. We may go to the Big Island but I always change my mind at the last minute and want to go back to Maui. It’s almost like I know the area now and have friends there.

  68. I WISH I could visit Hawaii again in 2015. We stayed a week on Oahu back in April 2013 and absolutely loved it! This is how I first found your blog and I still continue subscribing to your posts! We hope to travel to another island – probably Kauai because the scenery is breathtaking (granted ALL the islands are)!

  69. Planning to go Feb 9-16 THIS YEAR!!! Will be visiting Oahu and Kauai. I need a great Valentines restaurant on Kauai if anyone has suggestions.

  70. Been ready to go back since I got on the plane to head back to Ohio in 2010. Ugh! Have only been once (Maui) but truly think about that trip every single day. And since a snow storm is heading this way tomorrow I really wish I were there now. Has anyone done a cruise to the islands? I’m not sure I would like it since you don’t actually get to spend the nights on the islands. It seems that would take something special away from the trip, plus you can’t really explore the islands. The plus side, it seems, would be that you actually get to visit 4 islands which would be something I wouldn’t get to do otherwise. Can anyone share their thoughts on this? Mahalo!

  71. We have just come back from Hawaii but are already planning the next trip there in 2015/16. Love the warm natured, beautiful people!!! Aloha:)

  72. Hopefully we will be looking at colleges in Hawaii this year for my aspiring marine biologist. We loved Maui a few years ago, but can’t wait to experience the other islands.

  73. We are planning a June 2015 honeymoon to Oahu and Kauai. I can’t wait lol! Its like having 2 dreams come true at once to experience all the beauty and culture of the islands with such an amazing man by my side. I’m very fortunate. Thank you for the great advice and insider tips !

  74. I’ve been to Hawaii in 2013 and am thinking about that trip so often! I really would like to go there again, if it will be 2015 – I don’t know! It is not planned yet… but if, I will definitely visit Big Island’s volcanoes again, doing the hiking tour to the lava spot… and also Maui’s beautiful beaches. ALOHA!

  75. Hubby and I are headed to Maui in November for thanksgiving. Plan to also visit Pearl Parbor while we are there

  76. My husband and I went to Maui and the Big Island in 2013 — thanks for recommending No Ka Oi Adventures! Definitely a highlight. A trip to Kauai may happen in 2015/16. Fingers crossed.

  77. Planning on a June trip to Oahu….the website is a huge help in the planning. been following it for the past year to make plans

  78. Going to the big island. For 7 days on the Kona side and then to Maui for another 7 days in April

  79. December 2015! HUGE family trip with my dad, my sisters and all our spouses and kids! We’re going to Kona.

  80. I would LOVE to go this year but the plan is March 2016! We are having a hard time deciding between Oahu & the Big Island though!

  81. No plans as of now but I would love to take the whole family on a Hawaiian cruise one day. I have never been!!

  82. I love reading my GoVisitHawaii emails. We are planning to visit Oahu in about 4 months! We have also been to the Big Island and Molokai’. Both so beautiful but so different also. Would love to see Maui next!!

  83. I have plans EVERY year to visit Hawaii. However my husband and finances get in the way!! We visited Hawaii and Maui in September 2014 and plan to visit the new and better 4 seasons on Lanai and Kauai in 2016. The helicopter tour over the active volcano with Paradise helicopters was the most amazing adventure!!

  84. My husband and I are taking my mom on her first visit, and our second, to Hawaii in March 2015!! We are planning a cruise on the Pride of America for one week and then staying on Oahu the second week. Very excited!!!

  85. I of course, think ALL of the Hawaiian islands are beautiful! But I always wanted to visit Maui, where my grandmother was born. I’m sure that I have family in Hawaii somewhere and don’t even know it.

  86. We will be going to the big island on April 1st to the 8th for our 50th Anniversary and our sons wedding.First time to go there so Hopefully we can pack in lots for these 7 days!

  87. YES! My daughter and I are going to Hawaii the end of April 2015 to the second week of May. This is our first visit as I have always planned to do Hawaii 50 (celebrate my 50th birthday!)We are doing an 11 day Norwegian Cruise with a 4 day land excursion on Oahu then we hit Maui, the Big Island and Kauai and finish back in Honolulu! So excited!

  88. Was in Hawaii in 2014 for taste of the islands. Probably 2016 to do a more concentrated visit to Big Island or Maui.

  89. Went to Maui last year and loved it. No current plans to go again but that could always change! Would go back to Maui and perhaps Kauai again. Last trip to Kauai rained most of the trip but we still enjoyed it!

  90. Aloha! My husband and I plan to return to Maui in December 2015 for 3 weeks. We plan to celebrate our anniversary (Dec 22), Christmas (Dec 25) and his birthday (Dec 27). Also, in the near future we plan to move to Maui. I am thrilled beyond words! Mahalo!

  91. I’m taking my daughters to Oahu and Maui this summer to celebrate our year of big birthdays – 50, 16, and 13. I’ve never been to Hawaii before, and I’m excited beyond belief!

  92. My husband and I are going with a group of 8 of our awesome friends in May. This is our first time visiting the islands and we are VERY excited! We are visiting Maui and Oahu.

  93. I have just booked our first Hawaii adventure for March 2015, we are visiting Oahu !!! So excited as it has been on our wish list for a long time. A perfect way to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary.

  94. Yes, we are planning a trip to Hawaii (pre-anniversery trip). We are planning several days at the Hilton Hawaiian Village on Oahu, then plan on flying to Hawaii (the Big Island) and then back to Oahu to spend a couple days at Aulani.

  95. I’m not planning a visit to Hawaii in 2015, but maybe someone will surprise me with one. I love the Big Island and would choose to go there.

  96. I am probably not going in 2015, but when I do, it will be the Big Island. I have been to all the Islands and the Big Island is by far my favorite!

  97. Mahalo everyone for your entries! It’s exciting to hear your plans!

    Congratulations to Jennifer Plesa who was randomly selected as the prize winner.

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