Nounou Mountain, Kauai’s Sleeping Giant

sleeping giant kauai
Nounou Mountain – Sleeping Giant

As you drive around the island of Kauai, the beautiful, green mountains towards the island’s center are always pleasantly eye-catching. One ridge that’s particularly interesting is Nounou Mountain, which appears to have the profile of a sleeping giant. In fact, the mountain is more commonly dubbed Sleeping Giant.

Per, the Hawaiian legend of Nounou Mountain is:

… this giant was tricked by villagers into eating a vast amount of rocks hidden in fish and poi. Sleepy from the meal, the giant took a nap and hasn’t woken since.

You can see Sleeping Giant from the east side of Kauai. A nice vantage point that we found via Kauai Revealed is in Kapaa at the cul-de-sac turnout at the end of Kipuni Place off of Kuhio Highway (Hwy 56). The following photo shows that view.

Sleeping Giant profile from Kapaa

Have you seen Kauai’s sleeping giant?

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