Where’s your favorite place in Hawaii?


Do you have a favorite place in Hawaii? Perhaps it’s a specific beach, hiking trail, waterfall, garden, restaurant or hotel? Maybe it’s a place you visualize immediately when you think of Hawaii?

Please share your favorite place in Hawaii along with the reason why in the comments section of this article. Then, stay tuned because you just might see your name and your favorite place highlighted in a future article.

We can’t wait to hear from you. Mahalo for your input!

  1. Hard to choose between the Allerton Gardens (National Tropical Botanical Gardens) on Kauai or Hawaii Tropical Botanical Gardens on the Big Island near Hilo. I’m going to pick Allerton and specifically the sunset estate tour.

    It’s not the flashy collection of flowers of the garden near Hilo, but a nice blend of the best of the Allerton gardens and estate, combined with some appetizers and beverages on the lanai. It’s the creative landscape of the family, the incredibly honest work to maintain what it was meant to be, and the chance to meet new people and chat on the lanai where Jackie Kennedy and others once did the same.

    To be honest, the sunset is not the sell here, but rather the place, the creative genius, and reverence for the Allerton dream.

  2. My favorite place is anywhere I can gaze upon Hanalei Bay/Bali Hai. I picture it in my mind daily and count the days until I can return.

  3. I’d have to go with the beach between Lydgate Park and Nukoli’i Beach on Kauai. There are not a lot of places where you can literally walk for miles AND get a gorgeous sunrise! Fabulous.

  4. When we are on the Island of Kauai my wife and I like to take a ride to the salt ponds and snorkel on the beaches there. The several times that we’ve been there it hasn’t been crowded at all and there is a breaker wall to make it a little calmer to snorkel safely. The sunsets are also spectacular and it is close to the Grand Canyon of Kauai. If you go pack a picnic lunch and a cooler with ice and drinks. If you would rather eat at a local restaurant the town isn’t too far away with several options.

  5. I dream and am saving to come live in hawaii some day sooner then later…..love these articals

  6. My favorite place on Hawaii is on Kauai sitting on the Lanai at the Pono Kai in Kapaa. The oceanfront view can’t be beat and being right on the oceanfront bike/walking path is awesome.

  7. Our only trip to Hawaii was on a cruise this May to celebrate my 50th Birthday. So, we only got a “taste” of each island. I would have to say I enjoyed touring the “Road to Hana” in Maui. When we stopped at coastlines where the deep blue water crashed up against the black lava rocks, I was in awe of it’s beauty. At one point I said to my husband, “I don’t want to leave here!” I hope to visit Hawaii again someday, it was all I expected and more! Aloha and Mahalo for such a wonderful, informative blog!!

  8. Patty’s Chinese Kitchen was my all time favorite place to eat back in 1973. I learned to use chopsticks at Patty’s. Mokapu is my favorite beach. I almost died there body surfing too close to the rocks. The #1 best place to be was anywhere with my friends Clifford Ho and Clyde Oshiro who were my co-workers at Perry Boys Smorgy in the Outrigger Reef hotel.

  9. Aloha! My favorite place on Hawaii is the beautiful Wailea Beach Marriott Resort and Spa in Maui. My husband and I love to sit under the trees looking out at the sparkling Pacific Ocean and relaxing to the rhythm of the waves. The Wailea Beach Marriott is total paradise with spectacular sunsets and gorgeous oceanfront views at Kuma Bar and Grill. The Shops at Wailea are adjacent to the resort which is very convenient for restaurants and shopping.

  10. All I need is a day Ko’Olina. Spend a day lounging at the lagoons, seeing monk seals and turtles. Dinner and happy hour at Longboards in the Marriot and then the sunset. Good times.

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