Fagan’s Cross in Hana, Maui


When you’re exploring the road to Hana along the east Maui coast, Fagan’s Cross will most likely catch your eye. This cross stands on the summit of Lyon Hill on the Hana Ranch pasturelands.


Constructed of lava stones, Fagan’s Cross was erected in 1960 in memory of Paul Fagan, the man who established cattle ranching in Hana. (Source) He also built the hotel in Hana, which is now called Travaasa Hana.

A local resident told me that the Hana community gathers at the cross on Easter Sunday for a beautiful sunrise service. Wow! What a chicken skin experience that must be!

The views of Hana from Fagan’s Cross are excellent as the following photo shows.


If you are driving the road to Hana on a day trip, you’ll only have time for a quick snap from the base of the hill. The steep, dirt road that leads to the cross is gated and locked. As such, it is not open to automobile traffic from the general public. (The road is rather rough, so we wouldn’t recommend taking a rental car on it anyway.) For potential access to the cross by foot, enquire at Travaasa Hana. Just bear in mind that you’ll be dodging cattle and cow patties.

Have you seen Fagan’s Cross?

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  1. I gotta’ get to Maui. Been stuck on Oahu. LOL. Love the site and I visit daily!

  2. I would love to hike up to the cross one day. Looks like a stunning view!

  3. We’ve been there! Stopped and took a couple of pictures, too.

  4. Sherri (Fagan) Self

    I just drove the road to Hana.
    Saw Fagan’s cross. I am a Fagan myself. So that was really cool.

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