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Keala’s Hawaiian Coffee company is partnering with Go Visit Hawaii to giveaway prize packs of their best selling coffees to three Go Visit Hawaii readers. Each of the three prize packs will include 12-ounce bags of Keala’s Hapuna Blend, Honolulu Blend and Na Pali Blend coffees.

The owner of Keala’s Hawaiian Coffee company, Sean Lee, learned to love coffee as he was growing up on Oahu. He now resides in Seattle Washington where he roasts Hawaiian grown and international coffee blends. Sean shared his goals and passion of creating Keala’s Coffee with us:

The goal of Keala’s is to bring awareness to the great coffees in Hawaii as well as to bring awareness to Hawaii in general.  It’s my chance to give back to the state I love.

Due to the myriad of complex international customs laws and restrictions, Sean has asked that this contest be limited to US residents only.

How to enter to win one of the three coffee prize packs:

1.  If you are a US resident, comment on this blog post page telling us how you like to drink your coffee. Your comment must be on this blog post page. Sorry, but we cannot accept Facebook comments.

2. Make sure you include your name and email address in the appropriate fields before entering your comment so that we can contact you by email if your entry is randomly chosen to win. Please note that your email address will only be visible to me and only used to contact the winners. Your email address will not display in the comments.

3. One entry per person will be accepted.

4. Entries will be accepted through Thursday, February 6, 2014.

5. Three winners will be randomly selected from the eligible entries by Monday, February 10, 2014.

Good luck!

  1. Eric Wong says:

    I like my coffee brewed V60

  2. Emely H Monterey says:

    I simply LOVE coffee esp. Hawaiian coffee.

  3. I like my coffee very hot with a little soy milk 😉 On special days, I like a mocha with soy no whip is my fav 😉

  4. chaya lee says:

    With lots of cream and sugar! 🙂

  5. Jo Anne Meyer says:

    We enjoy everything about coffee from just the aroma to the way it matures in smell while brewing it! I makes the hale full of Hawaiian goodness and
    Aloha spirit. No cream or milk added to take away from the depth of the many layers of flavor enjoyment.

  6. I love my coffee light/no sugar. I use coconut cream for the “light”. 🙂

  7. Stacey Krager says:

    Love Hawaiian coffee! Black!

  8. Gregory Cremeans says:

    I love my coffee with cream and first thing in the morning. Brings back memories of simpler times and Hawaiian coffee brings me back to my visits to the islands.

  9. jeff williams says:

    I like mine early and strong! Usually one large cup, with a bit of whole milk and some cane sugar, yum, a great way to start my day! I love Kona coffee, and it always reminds me of our visit there, and visiting the coffee plantations, magic! Maholo, Kepili (Jeff 🙂

  10. I enjoy the pureness of this coffee! I always enjoy visiting the coffee farms and hearing their story from the beginning to the tasting of the pure coffee without blending other coffees.

  11. I like my coffee iced, black, with some sugar 🙂

  12. Ed Stevens says:

    With just a little creamer.

  13. Robin Kramer says:

    I like my coffee, bold and black….sitting on my lanai, trade winds in my hair, watching the sunrise or accompanying a slice of lilikoi cheesecake! My mouth is watering!

  14. I like my coffee hot, cold, iced, black, with cream, with coconut milk. I just like coffee. 🙂

  15. Diane Driscoll says:

    The best way to drink my coffee would be sitting outside in Kauai enjoying the warmth and sunshine.

  16. Sherri Hultsman says:

    I love my coffee with a small amount of vanilla creamer. 🙂

  17. elsieohnstewart Stewart says:

    I will be there Tuesday! !! I could even pick it up! Going to bring home all I can carry!!!!! Can’t wait to start my vacation there!

  18. Ever since I went to Hawaii I have been in love with Hawaiian coffee! It’s so much better than all the others! I like mine hot in the morning with a little creamer and sugar.

  19. i love my coffee with sugar and hazelnut creamer

  20. Paula Villa says:

    I have to have my coffee every morning!

  21. I love my coffee black. I really enjoy the pure flavor without anything added.

  22. Dawn Enochs says:

    I absolutely LOVE my coffee first thing in the morning, after letting my dog out. I love flavored coffee, in a feminine coffee cup/mug either sitting on the porch swing, with the birds singing, sunshine on my face. Or with the Today Show when weather is cold, but coffee is a staple in my mornings.

  23. Dawn Enochs says:

    Aroma of coffee is like heaven…. Have been ordering Coffee from Hawaii since visiting there in 2012 for our 25th Valentine anniversary. Hope to return for our 30th anniversary.

  24. Jennifer Reichert says:

    I like it with a splash of half and half and smudge of sugar.

  25. Susan Helm says:

    I take my coffee hot with cream. Preferably with a view of an amazing sunrise.

  26. I love my coffee with vanilla creamer while watching sunrise on the beach!

  27. Lynn Mott says:

    I like my coffee black while watching the waves.

  28. Nikki Carmouche says:

    There is nothing like sipping on that freshly brewed taste of heaven while watching the sunrise with a splash of cream or baileys.

  29. carol winters says:

    We enjoyed fresh coffee when on vaca in Maui. I Drink it black

  30. carol winters says:

    I drink it black

  31. Tanika Campbell says:

    I love my coffee with Ice Cream and in Smoothies. Add some Almond or Coconut Milk…YUMMY!!!!!

  32. Michael Campbell says:

    I like my Hawaiian coffee at work. I work nights and the rich flavor reminds me of vacation and the islands while I’m slaving away in the cold warehouse!

  33. Juan Morales says:

    Shut Up And Give Me My Coffee.

  34. We enjoy our coffee strong! Iced or hot 🙂
    We visited Hawaii on our honeymoon and went to a coffee plantation. This is our 25th anniversary year – we can’t afford to go back at this time but would thoroughly enjoy this Hawaiian coffee!

  35. Whitney Lindeman says:

    I love black coffee, but a good coconut creamer in a dark roast is the best.

  36. We take our Hawaiian coffee with just a splash of milk and sugar. With other brands, I tend to use some creamer.

  37. I take my coffee a little strong with a splash of coconut mill and a bit of stevia. And some Kahlua, depending on my mood.

  38. have just recently gotten hooked on coffee Love it!!

  39. Lisa Chesnut says:

    I love my coffee hot in the winter and cold in the summer. Hawaiian coffee has the best flavor, it is hard for me to find in my state. But when I find a bag i am excited!!

  40. I love my coffee made in a French press.

  41. Kristi Kloos says:

    I love my coffee first thing in the morning, with a little creamer! It’s cold & snowy hot coffee makes it better!

  42. Deborah Botello says:

    Love Hawaiian Coffee. Used to live there!!
    Lots of cream & sugar!

  43. No compromise! French press all the way babeeeee!!

  44. Michelle Lavoie says:

    I love my coffee with a little fat free half n’ half, and organic sugar 🙂 All day long!

  45. Michael Gale says:

    I love my coffee piping hot with cream and sugar. It’s what get’s me going in the morning

  46. I like my coffee strong, dark and on a beach!

  47. I enjoy coffee with cream, especially flavored creamer!

  48. Nancy Casteel says:

    I love coffee from Hawaii hot with almond milk and coconut sugar.

  49. Irma Craig says:

    I like my coffee of a morning with sugar free French vanilla creamer. If possible on a lanai in Hawaii overlooking a beautiful bay.

  50. Gary Muskat says:

    I like my coffee with just cream and sometimes Splenda.

  51. Ana Oseguera says:

    I like my coffee extra hot with a little creamer. I also enjoy flavored coffee.

  52. sabr kenyatta says:

    Love my morning coffee with cream and brown sugar

  53. Kathleen Kincaid says:

    Hawaiian coffee is the best….and the stronger the better. I like mine with half n’ half to the color of gold and some raw sugar or even raw honey. Mmmmm good!

  54. Been over 25 years since I had the real stuff but the memory of Chocolate Macadamia Kona still lingers. Best coffee comes from Hawaii.

  55. I like my coffee black, strong and hot.

  56. mary Pareisia says:

    I like my hawaiian coffee with some hazenut cream. This reminds me when I would drink it on my lanai in maui when I was on vacation over 20 years ago.

  57. I like my coffee with half and half and Splenda. In the morning it helps to wake me up and start my day.

  58. Tanya Wilhite says:

    From Seattle and as you know, we are pretty picky about our coffee! Kona coffee is the best for sure!

  59. Lorie Neubert says:

    With Baileys Irish Cream please 🙂

  60. Tami Stellmach says:

    We shipped back some hawian coffee last month while we visited hawaii. We are totally in love with all the flavors. I like mybrewed coffee 1st thing in the morning!

  61. Love my Coffee (black)on my front porch with the newspaper.

  62. I enjoy my Hawaiian coffee fresh-brewed hot and with a dash of cream. I usually sit on my lanai overlooking Diamond Head & the beach and watch the early morning surfers.

  63. I love my early morning coffee fresh-brewed with a bit of cream. I usually watch the sun rise and sometimes see Maui, Molokai, and Lanai as I sip my coffee!

  64. Nichol Danielson says:

    I like mine with one spoonful of sugar, and my husband like his black! We would LOVE to have some of this coffee!

  65. I love drinking coffee while on vacation in remote, amazing, takes-2-days-to-get-there, cerulean waters and achingly white sand beaches. *sigh*

  66. My favorite way to enjoy my coffee is close enough to the ocean to hear the waves crashing. Such a relaxing combination. Otherwise, I love my coffee to be pure Hawaiian coffee with a touch of cream and sugar.

  67. Strong and black. Preferably in Hawaii.

  68. I love my coffee with a bit of sugar and just enough skim milk to cool it down so I can drink it 🙂

  69. I love coffee! Hawaiian coffee is the best! I like dark coffee with a little flavored cream but not too much!

  70. I love my coffee dark and rich, freshly brood first thing in the morning so I can have my first cup while looking out over the ocean at a beautiful sunrise!

  71. Phillip Brew Jr says:

    I love my coffee with cream and sugar! I especially love Kona coffee with Coconut creme.

  72. Maria Canalas says:

    I like my coffee with cream and sugar. However, when I can find coconut milk, I prefer that. 🙂

  73. Megan Charles says:

    I like my coffee with Hazelnut creamer!

  74. Laurie Swartz says:

    I love my coffee with cream and sweetener. We are coming to Hawaii for two weeks in March and can’t wait to try the coffee while watching the beautiful sunrises!

  75. Kelly MacDonald says:

    I love my coffee, hot or iced with just a bit of cream! Mahalo!

  76. With half and half over Facebook and e-mail!

  77. william elliott says:

    i like my coffee black & sometimes with cream

  78. I enjoy my coffee best black with a view of the fantastic Hawaiian beach and the sound of the waves.

  79. Neal prensky says:

    I love my coffee as soon as I get up in the morning the smell of the coffee all over the house the newspaper at my side . What a combination . Milk and vanilla flavoring added to the coffee all the better.

  80. I live aloha when I drink delicious Hawaiian coffee! It truly is the best coffee in the whole world!

  81. Lynne Lewis says:

    I love my coffee as soon as I wake up and bold with a splash of cream. I’m visiting the islands in August and can’t wait to visit the coffee plantations!!

  82. I like mild black coffee, especially Hawaiian Coffee. I lived in Hawaii for 7 years and drank 100% Kona Coffee, while I lived there. Hawaiian grown coffee is the best!

  83. PK Sanford says:

    I enjoy my Hawaiian coffee best, sitting on a lanai enjoying the sunrise!

  84. COFFEE< its what I bleed, black, with cream or sugar coffee its life!!!

  85. I like my coffee hot, black and sitting in the sunshine on my deck. Wish that could happen now but it’s still below zero 😞

  86. I’m a coffee purist, just love it black, strong & hot!

  87. brewed with milk – 1% at home, half and half out!

  88. Joyce Cannon says:

    I drink my coffee black and it definitely tastes better when in Hawaii!

  89. I prefer my coffee black & I make it right when I get up. Sometimes I enjoy a cup in the afternoon when I am not working. I like my coffee best when I can enjoy it unhurriedly. I would love to win Keala’s coffee giveaway because I could use a little Hawaii in my life, it has been a brutal winter in Iowa!

  90. Born & raised in Hawaii. I only drink coffee from Hawaii. It’s the best! Love it with Maui Gold sugar and a splash of half and half.

  91. I simply love coffee! I drink it str8 up 🙂 I enjoy the flavor!

  92. No sugar! I like it with skim milk. Two cups each morning at the very least

  93. Mary Porter says:

    i love my coffee first thing in the morning with a little milk – perfect for waking up!

  94. Sue Norman says:

    I love coffee-light with cream and no sugar!

  95. I drink my coffee black. I believe thats the only way you really enjoy the taste and full flavor of the coffee. That is so true of the Hawaiian coffee’s..Nothing can beat that!! Mahalo

  96. Kylie Palmiter says:

    Simply cannot beat a cup of pure Hawaiian coffee with a splash of organic milk. Delish!

  97. Jeannie M says:

    I want it with just a dash of sugar.

  98. Rich Vanderford says:

    With cream and a bible

  99. Val Jones says:

    I love my coffee in the morning the best, with three packs of sugar with cream in my hello kitty coffee mug !

  100. Bari Arnote says:

    I love my Hawaiian Kona coffee black, but with sugar!!! Yum!!!

  101. Robert Welton says:

    We love our coffee daily. Get-going coffee in the morning (before anything else) and decaf in the evening after dinner and of course a shot of Scotch or Baileys in our cup around the fire on the weekends…hate the in-room coffee in hotels..first stop of the day leaving the hotel – is, of course, the coffee shop. rlw

  102. I like coffee black, no sugar, two small ice cubes. Drip is preferred, French press is second choice.

  103. I love Hawaiian coffee: Kona, Kauai Coconut Caramel Crunch, and Organic regular and decaf coffees. I brew it in a drip coffeemaker. Then I froth the half and half, then pour the coffee in to make my own latte. Yum! Sometimes I add cinnamon or other spices to the grounds before brewing. By the way, used coffee grounds make the best fertilizer. My organic tomatoes grow real well with them.

  104. Laurie Onstott says:

    When I was there was able to purchase one of the Kona Blends. Man that’s good coffee..

  105. Steve Reddington says:

    I love my coffee brewed very strong . I take mine black with nothing added to spoil the taste. Kona is my favorite.

  106. christa burchett says:

    All black and really sweet 🙂

  107. Hawaii Kona in our ABC Store mugs – and one mug broke last week so I HAVE to go back and get another one…

  108. I like my coffee with a little sugar and milk. Every since I went to Hawaii, I’ve been hooked on Kona coffee. It is the best!

  109. Jo-Ann Woeste says:

    Nice robust Kona coffee in the morning with a little cream.

  110. Brian Smith says:

    I like my coffee super hot, strong and black. Yum! Kona coffee is my favorite!

  111. John Graham says:

    Really enjoying Kauai coffee now that it’s available here in the Midwest, both ground and in K-cups.

  112. Chantelle says:

    My husband and I like our coffee simply with a splash of milk in it!

  113. I like my coffee strong and smooth with a splash of vanilla almond milk. And if it’s Hawaiian, then I close my eyes and pretend I’m drinking it on a beach (a good imagination is key to getting through a Chicago winter)!

  114. Alexis Christensen says:

    I like my coffee a little sweet, not too much, I like to enjoy the flavors of varities.

  115. I am partial to mochas though my husband likes his black!

  116. I love my coffee on Sunday morning!

  117. Donna Monson says:

    I love to have my coffee a little sugar/cream while sitting on a lounger watching the sunrise in Kauai!! So can’t wait to do it again!!

  118. Amy Baker says:

    I like my coffee hot with a splash of coconut milk and a packet of raw sugar….a great way to start the morning!

  119. When my husband and I went on our honeymoon in Hawaii and we fell in love with the coffee there! We take ours black with a little bit of steamed milk, so delish! Sipping hawaiian coffee take us back to all the wonderful memories we had there!

  120. I like a nice shot of espresso to start the day. Preferably while watching a Hawaiian sunrise!

  121. Sheila Beal says:

    Thanks everyone for your entries. It was fun to read all your responses.

    The three winners have been selected from the eligible entries. The winners have been notified by email and I am awaiting their replies.

  122. Mahalo to all the entries in the Go Visit Hawaii – Keala’s Coffee Giveaway! Also much mahalo to Sheila for creating this beautiful site and sharing her passion of Hawaii.

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