2014 Lana’i Calendar Giveaway

lanai hawaii desk calendar

We’re giving away this 2014 desk calendar featuring paintings of Lana’i by Mike Carroll. These popular desk calendars always sell out year over year.

I’ve put this calendar on my personal Christmas wish list for several years. The problem I have with these calendars is that the scenes are so pretty, I have trouble discarding them in the recycle bin. In fact, I have both 2012 and 2013 calendars on my desk at the moment.

If you’d like to enter to win, just comment below on this blog post (not on Facebook) and tell us if Hawaii is in your 2014 plans. Enter your comment by Friday, December 13, 2013. The randomly selected winner will be notified by email so make sure you enter your email address accurately.

    1. I hope to include Hawaii in my travel plans for 2014. I dreamed I was in Maui although I had never been to a tropical island before. I would like to fulfill that dream in the new year!

  1. Went to Kauai this past May for the very first time and a week after we were back already started our vacation to the Islands again in May 2014.. so very beautiful and spiritual.. Mahalo

    1. Haha, Donna, you sound like you got hooked on Hawaii just like us. We first visited Maui and Oahu in 2003 for what we thought was going to be our one and only trip to Hawaii. Shortly after we returned, we started planning a trip to Kauai. Then, after that, a trip to Hawaii, the Big Island. In 2006, we started this blog, Go Visit Hawaii, ….and the rest is history. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. We just visited Oahu this past October, so unfortunately we won’t be revisiting in 2014. But hope to again real soon! Loved Hawaii! Love your posts!

  3. Am I’m in warm Kona as we speak. Got here at the right time, considering the weather on the mainland, especially Montana!

  4. We just spent 12 days on Oahu for the first time and LOVED it! It will probably take us all of 2014 to pay off the Hawaiian Miles Visa card. Maybe in 2015!

  5. So in love with Kauai that it was the ONLY place we could put on our list of where to go to celebrate our 25th anniversary in October 2014!! We picked our dates last night and will get our tickets this week. ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Hawaii is definitely in my plans beginning in February 2014! I am a single mom with two kids and we will be stationed in Wheeler Army Airfield for three years. I’m looking forward to the adventure with my little family ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. After a rough year in 2013 and the plans of moving to Hawaii were put on hold, I am at it again. 2014 will be my Hawaiian year. I look forward to the many adventures.

  8. We plan on going back to Hawaii in 2014. We are currently planning our trip. We’ve been to Maui twice so it’s time to explore more. I can’t wait to see what will be in store for us!

  9. I was on Oahu last month and after I got back I started looking at options for next year. Undecided on where, but possibly the Big Island and Oahu again. I’ve been to Maui only once and haven’t yet been to the other islands.

  10. Yep we will be visiting Hawaii in 2014. We’ve been to Maui so we’re wanting to stay on another island maybe two.

  11. We have been to Oahu 5 times and once to Maui! Love Waikiki! Good thing we went when we did because I believe that my husband’s traveling days are done!

  12. Yes I’m planning on visiting the Big Island next year for my anniversary . My husband and I visit Hawaii every year and hope to retire there some day. We’ve been to Oahu, Maui, & Lanai and the Big Island is next. Some day I hope we make it to Kaui

  13. took mom to Maui 2011 before she passed away. now I live in Washington instead of Ks so maybe I will pop over to Hawaii in 2014 now that I am already halfway there. We loved it. Paradise for sure. Beautiful! expensive but worth it!

  14. Big Island 1/3/14 to celebrate 30th wedding anniversary! Maui 5/14 to celebrate daughter’s graduation.
    Like many others we visited Hawaii for the first time on our 25th anniversary. We have been back every year thanks to your wonderful advice Sheila. Mahalo! Aloha abounds!

  15. We are heading back to Maui at the end of February for two weeks!!! So very excited to settle in for a late-winter journey to paradise!! Aloha!!

  16. My family and I will be in Kauai for two weeks from May 24 through June 7th, 2014. A night or two in this trip is planned for the Big Island for volcanic photography purposes. I’m now shopping for a Big Island guide.

    Can’t wait!

  17. I would like to go back to Kauai sometime in 2014. We were there March of 2013 and we loved it so much I was looking for real estates 2 months after our vacation.

  18. We usually go to Hawaii every year in May to visit family, but this coming February we are expecting our first baby girl so our trip will be delayed a bit. Worth the wait ๐Ÿ˜‰

  19. What gets me through an icy New York winter? Hawaii in Marchโ€ฆjust hanging in there until I make my visit to Hawaii!

  20. This dream land has been calling me for years but due to financial restrictions I have not yet been able to accomplish this trip to this most wonderful corner of earth touched by heaven.
    I love Hawaiian music, food, dance…the relaxing life style, natural beautifier, May be if God wills it, I will visit Hawaii, the Paradise.

  21. We were there in January, 2013….my daughter cheered in the Pro Bowl…need to save save save!!! My son wants to move to Oahu!

  22. Am planning on returning to Hawaii with my wife………who I met in Hawaii while attending undergraduate school!!

  23. We were in Honolulu in 2012 and I sincerely hope we will return in 2014! We want to see Maui and The Big Island next. ๐Ÿ™‚

  24. Would love to go back to Maui in 2014, but daughter just moved to Naples, Florida and will be taking our trip there this year – fingers crossed for trip to any of the islands of Hawaii in 2015 – sooooo beautiful!!! Have a wonderful New Year!!!!

  25. Just was in Oahu in October, my sister thinks it could be in our future in 2014 – I told her I would leave my bag packed in anticipation and this calendar would be lovely for my dreary office

  26. Hi guys , my daughter maddy & I are visiting Waikiki this April , to compete in aloha spirit cheer competition , our team travelling from Australia cannot wait , all the kids & parents are so excited , to share the Aloha spirit , I would love to win this calendar to put up at our gym in Newcastle Australia , to count down our time of arrival and remember all our wonderful Hawaiian memories .. Mahalo , see you there !!๐ŸŒด

  27. Just got back from Maui, Kauai and Oahu. Awesome! We`ll be back to check out Lanai and the big island next year

  28. OMG, yes we are planning a February 2014 trip. This time to the island
    of O’ahu. So far we have been to the Big Island and Molokai! Hawaii
    is just so beautiful and the people there are amazing. My husband and I love it and hope to someday move there! ๐Ÿ™‚

  29. After spending a week in October this year we are planning to visit again in 2014 with all 4 islands on bucket list. We forgot to get a calender when there & have commented to hubby several times I wanted one to keep me focused on our 2014 trip, so this would be a very welcome memory to our Home. Aloha Hawaii & Mahalo for ever lasting memories.

  30. Took my wife to the islands for our dream vacation after 24 years this past June.
    Incredible trip and we are now taking our girls and my mother in law next June! Maui…..paradise!!!!

  31. With luck, I’ll be hired in Honolulu again for a few weeks in the summer! I very much want to go back to Hawai’i!!!

  32. I vacationed on Oahu when I was 20, I have compared every vacation to that paradise and they all have come up short. I am bringing my husband and child for Christmas 2014 to show them what PARADISE IS!

  33. My wife and I will be going to hawaii in April 24 2014 for our cruise with the radiance of the seas with 3 days per cruise in Honolulu. Woo. Hoo

  34. We will be there in March of 2014 for our 37th Wedding Anniversary. I **Love** the Islands ~~ They are all beautiful in their own way… Snowing in Indiana & I hear Paradise calling my name… Aloha

  35. Yes! My husband and I are planning what I call our 30/25th Anniversary/Honeymoon trip!!!
    We will be celebrating 30 years together, 25th wedding anniversary, and our honeymoon we never took. Anxiously waiting!!!! July 2014!!!!!

  36. My husband and I going to Maui and Kauai in 2014. When we are in Maui we will be taking the ferry to Lania to Mr. Carroll’s wife’s cat sanctuary to bring home the cat we adopted. We love Hawaii.

  37. Sadly Hawaii isn’t in our travel plans for 2014, we will be touring Australia with our caravan. After visiting Hawaii in September of 2012 though, Hawaii is definitely on our “Must do that again” list, hopefully within the next 3 or 4 years.
    We had a fabulous time during our visit and the appetite to see more of the magical islands was definitely whetted.

  38. Hubby and I planning our 25th anniversary December 2014 on Oahu.
    Trying to get him to do a second Island. My daughter and I visited Oahu in January 2013. I was hooked. Hubby and I took a NCL cruise August 2013. He was hooked!!

  39. Hawaii is always in my ‘plans’ but rarely in my reality. ๐Ÿ™ Has been almost 4 yrs and I’m truly having major withdrawals. ugh! Beautiful calendar!!

  40. Yes!Hawaii is in my plans for a beautiful vacation! I want to visit Pearl Harbor and see the wall. I want to look for my uncle’s name on the wall. He wasn’t at Pearl Harbor when it was attacked, but was killed by a kamakaze plane in the Pacific. I’d give anything to see that.

  41. Got to meet and visit with Michael at his gallery in Lanai’ Oct 2011 and bought one of his paintings.
    Aloha, Honolulu bound on 29Dec and Maui on 4Jan, may take the ferry over there for the day!!

  42. I’m coming to Hawaii in Feb for my very 1st visit staying in Honolulu:)! I’m dreaming about this holiday nearly every night! Would love this wee calendar as a memento for my trip:)!

  43. Hawaii, my dreams. I live in very sad place where is too much rain and snow. When I wake up I must look at mist, maybe it is romantic, but I would like to be in Maui….

  44. Unfortunately, our one and only time in Hawaii was in 2007 when we spent a week on the Big Island, and spent the second week aboard the Pride of America. Since we have a daughter who will be a Sr at Rider University in the Fall of 2014, Hawaii will not be in our travel plans for several years.

    1. Sorry I didn’t finish my comment. I wanted to add that I wish that NJ wasn’t so far from Hawaii. It’s heaven on earth, and looking at any pictures of Hawaii brings back such wonderful memories. I’d love to own this beautiful calendar!

  45. Planning a return trip to Oahu in Oct 14 but want to spend part of the trip on the Big Island this trip! Loved Oahu, know we’ll love Hawaii too.

  46. Planning a return trip to Oahu in Oct 14, but adding the Big Island this time. Can hardly wait! Know Hawaii will be just as wonderful as Oahu!

  47. Yes, my plans in 2014 will include a trip back to Hawaii. This last November I took a 12 day vacation to Oahu and had a wonderful time. Next year I plan on returning to Oahu and will be taking 2 weeks off and want to do some island hopping.

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