Aloha Friday Photos: Wonderful Wainapanapa

A view through a lava tube.
A view through a lava tube.

Mahalo to Renée Saar of Acworth, Georgia for sending in her photos from Waianapanapa State Park off the road to Hana. Renee and her family went to Hawaii to celebrate.

Renée shared two photos from Wainapanapa State Park with us. Since I couldn’t choose which one to post as they were both so interesting, I decided to share them in the same Aloha Friday Photo post.

Sea arch with a crabby admirer
Sea arch with a crabby admirer

Here’s a bit of what Renée shared about her trip and these two photos:

We have been following your blog now for over a year in preparation for our trip.  We were in Hawaii for 2 weeks starting February 25th.  It was the vacation of a lifetime!! Now we can’t wait to go back.  We were there with our kids and our extended family celebrating our 20th anniversary.  I think you may have been there at the same time. Your blog was eternally helpful in planning all of our activities…we couldn’t have done it without you so, thanks so much!!
Attached are 2 pictures from Waianapanapa State Park, one of the highlights on the road to Hana.  We loved the contrast of colors with the aqua ocean, the black sand and the green vegetation.  One of the pictures was taken from inside the lava tube looking out from a “hole” in the lava, and the other one of the arch was interesting because we had a little crab watching the scenery with us.

Mahalo again to Renée for the photos and the very kind words!

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  1. Awesome shots !!! More than just great vews :))))

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