Wailea Kayaking & Snorkeling

Thrilling, that’s how I’d describe our above and below the water adventures with Prodiver Maui in Wailea. Do you know that feeling you get when you’ve just finished an exhilarating roller coaster ride and you can’t wait try it again? That’s how we felt when we came back to shore. We definitely want to come back and do this tour again during humpback whale season.

We swam with honu (Hawaiian green turtles) and manta rays,  saw an octopus, red pencil urchins and pin cushion starfish in addition to the tropical fish. Um, wow!

Red pencil sea urchins
Here we are holding red pencil sea urchins. You wouldn’t laugh at how goofy we look in snorkel masks, would you? Okay, go ahead. You can laugh.

The tour started at Polo Beach in front of the Fairmont Kea Lani where we met our guide Chris. After securing our snorkel gear (provided), and donning (optional) our life vests (provided), Chris assisted us as we put the kayak in the water and boarded it.

We kayaked south while Chris gave us a little history of the coast and told us about certain landmarks — like a celebrity’s home.

Kayaking was actually pretty easy. Neither of us felt fatigued at all. We’ve experienced more strenuous kayaking in Hawaii.

After two different stand up paddle boarders told us there were manta rays in the area, we decided to get in the water. Chris assisted us with the process so that we didn’t turn the kayak over.

It seemed that Chris knew these reefs and the sea life like the back of his hand. He would dive down and pick up interesting animals like sea urchins to bring to the surface for a closer look. We got to hold some of them — including an octopus.

Andy holds an octopus
Andy holds an octopus with me by his side

We were both impressed with the quality of snorkeling in Wailea. One of the areas we swam over is called a cleaning station. That’s where honu come to have their shells cleaned by other fish. So, chances of seeing a honu are very, very good on this tour. We saw several both above and below the surface.

Andy created this short video showing the Wailea reef with footage that shows our encounter with a manta ray, a close up of the octopus and more. You’ll even see the two of us looking awesome (ha!) in our snorkel gear.

(Email subscribers: follow this link to watch our Wailea snorkeling video shot with a GoPro.)

When I saw the description of this tour, I wondered how in the world I would get back into the kayak in deep water after snorkeling. Once again, our guide Chris, knew all the tricks to make getting in and out of the kayak an easy process.

From there, it was another easy paddle back to shore while we enjoyed the beautiful Wailea coast views. Once we arrived on the beach, we were already trying to determine when we could do this tour again.

Your hosts, Andy and Sheila, kayaking in Wailea.
Your hosts, Andy and Sheila, kayaking in Wailea.

What to know when you go:

  • This two hour tour is $89 per person.
  • All flotation devises and snorkeling gear were provided.
  • Water was provided.
  • Wear sunscreen, preferable coral safe sunscreen with a mineral block.
  • Our guide took photos of us during the tour and made them available for purchase online.

Note that the Maui Visitors Bureau arranged this tour for us as part of the #seeMaui trip. All opinions are our own.

  1. The kayak/snorkel tour really was great! I can’t wait to try it again during whale season!

  2. We are leaving in one week for our first trip to Hawaii! We’re going to Maui and found a great condo on Maalaea Bay for a great price through vrbo. We’ve always had good luck with places to stay through them, so hopefully this one will follow the pattern! My question is about the snorkeling. I’d love to take a boat trip to Molokini, but I’m a little concerned my husband would get seasick (he has that tendency). Would you say the kayak snorkeling trip could be a good alternative for us? It definitely looks more private than a boat filled with 100 people. And I know he could do kayaking with no problem.

    1. I think it would be a great alternative. You’ll probably see more sea turtles than at Molokini.

  3. This is something I would like to do but the page for Prodiver Maui in Wailea is not accessible-404 error. Could you recommend optional companies that do the kayaking with diver experience?

    1. In the first sentence.

      Looks like the company may have dropped this kayak tour and just focus on scuba diving.

      This tour started at the beach in front of the Fairmont Kea Lani. I would imagine there’s another tour company that’s replaced it.

      A great alternative is the Maui Sailing Canoe…you can do the paddling or just enjoy the ride. https://www.govisithawaii.com/2013/08/20/hawaiian-style-canoe-sailing-in-maui/ We especially enjoy it during whale season: https://www.govisithawaii.com/2016/01/26/whale-watching-with-maui-sailing-canoe/

  4. Looks like a great activity. Nevertheless, it is not ok to touch animals, we might cause them diseases. Enjoy but not touch!

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