Aloha Friday Photo: Kaanapali Beach Rainbow

kaanapali beach rainbow


Mahalo to Michael Hoven for sending today’s Aloha Friday Photo of lovely rainbow at Maui’s Kaanapali Beach. Here’s what Michael shared about his photo:

While walking on the boardwalk in Kaanapali on January 3rd, we came across this amazing rainbow. Not very often we get to see all the colors at home. We saw many rainbows during our time in Maui.

This rainbow appears to start in the beautiful blue Pacific to arch to the golden Kaanapali Beach sand. What a beautiful scene and moment definitely worth capturing on photo!

Mahalo again to Michael for sharing his Maui vacation photo with us!

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  1. That’s where we are getting married this December!

  2. That’s where we are getting married this December!

  3. Amazing. For some reason it looks like it appeared very close to the person photographing it. Some look like they’re miles away. Others look like you can almost reach out and touch it.

  4. What a lovely shot! And what a perfect way that must be to wake up on a Hawaii beach!

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