Aloha Friday Photo: Waikiki Beach fun in the sun(set)

waikiki sunset daddy and child

Today’s photo comes to us from Christine  from “Canuckerville” which I believe  translates to the Vancouver, British Columbia area. She’s an avid fan of Hawaii, who visits often – usually around Christmas and New Years Day.

Here’s how Christine described her photo:

This photo was taken on Waikiki beach, while we sat among hundreds of other tourists taking dozens of sunset photos. It wasn’t until we put the photos onto our computer that night that we noticed the daddy and child in the lower right corner, caught in mid-throw, that made this picture stand out from all the others.

That was a perfect moment to snap that photo. Seeing the child in mid-throw adds so much more life to an already beautiful scene. It’s easy to imagine being in the seen and hearing happy squeals from the child.

Mahalo nui loa to Christine for sharing her photo and for being a long-time reader of Go Visit Hawaii!

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  1. Great timing, great photo!

  2. Mahalo Christine! I’m in Waikiki now and I can’t say my photos came out half as good as this! Fabulous!

  3. Such a beautiful scene. Wouldn’t mind seeing something like this everyday.

  4. Gorgeous sunset pic…. I can just imagine myself walking along that warm, balmy beach! Must get there some time soon!

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