Aloha Friday Photo: Lava Shores

lanai lava shore

Post publishing update: I must apologize that this photo is actually from Waikoloa on Hawaii’s Big Island and not Lanai. Brett’s Christmas vacation took him to Lanai and the Big Island. This photo was shared in a set of photos from Lanai and was the only one from the Big Island. I erroneously assumed it was from Lanai. Actually this lava shore line is a common scene throughout Hawaii and I do know a spot on Lanai that I remembered looking just like this scene. Again, apologies for the error. 

Mahalo to Brett Tabke of Texas for supplying today’s artistically-slanted Aloha Friday Photo. Brett took this photo along the lava rock-lined shores of Lanai during his Christmas vacation.

I love the distinct shades of ocean and sky blue in contrast to the black lava. Then there’s the white sea foam that almost makes me feel like I can hear the ocean. Who else wants to be here now?

Another observation from this photo is that you can faintly make out another island in the distance. I believe it’s Hawaii’s Big Island.

While sending this photo, Brett also shared a bit about his stay at the Four Seasons Resort Lanai at Manele Bay.

The staff service was exceptional. From the pool, to the restaurants, they were well above-and-beyond the call of normal service. Easily five star for everything.

We are big fans of this resort. So it’s good to hear a reader praising it too.

Another neat little tidbit that Brett shared with me about his Lanai vacation is that he had the best steak of his life at the brand new restaurant One Forty. Here’s what he had to say about that:

The food at the Four Seasons One Forty restaurant was out-of-this-world awesome. I had the best steak of my entire life there – so good – we had to go back again a couple nights later to verify it was indeed that awesome and I wasn’t under the spell of everything-is-cool-on-a Hawaii vacation.

Mahalo again to Brett for sharing his photo and part of his vacation with us.

  1. The Island you are seeing in the background is Maui

  2. Sheila Beal says:

    JimH – I do know that Maui is visible from Lanai, however I am 99.99% the island that’s visible is the Big Island as this photo was taken on the southside of Lanai and is facing south. I believe this photo is shot from the Four Seasons grounds facing towards the homes below The Challenge. So, Maui would be at the photographers back and left.

    (Edited to add Maui would be at photographers left side.)

  3. Sheila Beal says:

    Oh and another confirmation to me that the island is the Big Island is that when I saw the much larger version that was originally sent to me, the harbor at Kawaihae on the Big Island was recognizable.

    1. Sheila Beal says:

      Brett — doh…well I that’s embarrassing. That must have been the only photo from the Big Island in the whole set so without titles I assumed it was all from Lanai and it does look a lot like the shoreline below The Challenge.

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