Amazing encounter with Santa on Haleakala

This photo and story shared by Annie Chavez-Hollingshead is so amazing, we had to share it again this year. Annie was visiting Haleakala for sunrise back in December 2007 when she had an incredible encounter.

Annie tells us that it was a frigid morning. Everyone was shivering while snow flurries danced in the air. Well, everyone was shivering except for this one gentleman who had “shoulder-length, naturally white hair, mustache and beard.” This man was only wearing a short-sleeved Hawaiian shirt, shorts and sandals. Annie shared, “I never once saw this man even remotely act like he was cold.”

Annie got this gentleman’s attention by calling out, “Santa!” Without hesitation, he turned around towards Annie and posed for the above photo.

To further add intrigue to this story, Annie shared that no one else seemed to be noticing this Santa-person except for her and her friend. Shortly afterwards, he seemed to disappear without a trace.

Isn’t that an amazing story?

Annie also shared one of her beautiful Haleakala sunrise photos from that morning.

Mahalo again to Annie Chavez-Hollingshead for sending in her story and photos!

  1. Hi Shiela! Thanks for putting my pictures on the web site again! Brings back good memories. Hoping those that got to experience my story felt the sense of whimsy I did reading/seeing it again.
    How fun huh. Ok, keep up the good work-hope to return there soon. My best,Annie

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