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Sheila Andy Caricature (1)
Your Hawaii travel blog hosts, Sheila and Andy. Sheila’s never without her trusty notepad, while Andy’s ready to snap a photo at any moment.

Andy and I want to thank our readers who voted for us last week. We were voted as one of the top 13 travel blogs of 2013. We are thrilled and honored for your support.

  1. I am not surprised. Your blog is awesome and jam packed with information. We used so many of your tips on our wonderful trip! Thank you again!

  2. Sheila and Andy, Why wouldn’t yoube one of the top blogs??? Hawaii is such a hot vacation spot right now, the public NEEDS someone like you to steer us to all the best locations. I’ve been following you since just before my trip way back in 2008, and i’ll continue to read your offerings. I’m planning a return trip in the next year or two (Oh My! how far away!!) and your blog will give me tips on just what to see when I finally get there. And after that, I plan to keep reading just to keep the aloha spirit in me. CONGRATULATIONS!!

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