Scenes from the Kona Coffee Festival

The Kona Coffee Festival is one of Hawaii’s top festivals. As you’ve probably guessed, this festival is held annually on Hawaii Island, the Big Island and home of Kona coffee.

If you’ve not already made plans to attend this year’s Kona Coffee Festival, you still have time to book your trip. Festivities begin Saturday, November 3rd and extend through Sunday, November 11th.

We certainly enjoyed last year’s festival. We discovered that this event is just as much as about celebrating culture as it is about the Kona coffee plant, bean and product. The following photos will provide you with a flavor of the Kona Coffee Festival.

The Kona Coffee Festival Parade runs along Kailua-Kona’s Ali’i Drive. It’s an event that draws participation from organizations all across Hawaii’s Big Island.

Kona Coffee Festival Parade

The Hawaii County Band marches in the Kona Coffee Parade.

Kona Coffee Festival Parade

This parade entrant, a shop that sells Kona coffee, adorned her car with Kona coffee bags.

Kona Coffee Festival parade

These beautiful Hawaiian quilts display traditional design incorporating the Kona coffee plant and bean.

Quilt making at Kona Coffee Festival

One of the most eye-catching displays was the lei-making competition that incorporated Kona coffee plant leaves and beans.


We encountered many friendly faces at the festival. These Filipino food vendors happily posed for our photo.

Happy vendors at a Filipino food booth at Kona Coffee Festival

Entertainment included many cultural demonstrations.

Kona Coffee Festival entertainment

Of course, Kona coffee farms and roasters offered tempting samples and bags of coffee to take home.

Kona Coffee sampling & vendor at Kona Coffee Festival

I hope you’ve enjoyed these scenes from the Kona Coffee Festival. Use these links for more photos and a brief Kona Coffee Festival video.

  1. I love festivals time when travelling. Looks like Hawaii is so vivid during this period, there are many street performances and the food looks delicious. Are many foreigners come visit Hawaii during the Kona Coffee Festival?

    1. Agness – Hawaii almost always has a festival going on.

      I’m not sure about the number of foreigners that come to the Kona Coffee Festival. I’m sure there are some. There was a great mix of locals and visitors for the events we went to.

  2. The festival looks so much fun. I would love to try the Kona Coffee and of course see the colorful parade.Never though of this actually. Thanks for sharing!

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