Waikani Falls off Maui’s Road to Hana

upper waikini falls

The road to Hana could be dubbed waterfall alley. While there are loads of waterfalls along the road, surprisingly, most of them are not directly visible from the road. But, I have good news. Waikani is a beautiful waterfall that’s easily visible off the road.

Waikani Falls sometimes called Three Bears because of the separate streams of the falls. From the photo you can see there’s a papa bear sized stream on the left, a mama bear size in the middle and a baby bear stream on the right.

You’ll find Waikani Falls off the road to Hana on Highway 360 between mile markers 19 and 20. There’s a small turn out area just before the bridge where you can park to get a longer look at the falls. The following interactive Google map shows the stretch of road just before and at the turn off point. In fact, it looks like the white car is just about to pull into the turn out.

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You know how car companies have a disclaimer that your mileage may vary? Well, like just about all waterfalls in Hawaii, your view may vary based on the amount of rain. If there’s been a dry spell, Waikani Falls might be just a tiny trickle or less. If there’s been a lot of rain, the three streams may merge into one. So, let me circle back to the three bears story and say that I hope when you visit Waikani Falls, you’ll catch it when, as Goldilocks says, it’s “just right”.

  1. You scared me! I read the title and I thought someone from Waikiki was injured because they fell off the road to Hana. 🙂

    BTW – Amazing drive. Be sure to have a full tank. The first time I want there; the person I went with ran out of gas. It was no fun. We lucked out though. A super nice local man who lives along the road took us to his house and gave us some gas out the kindness of his heart. I wouldn’t count on that sort of thing though.

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