Skateboarders ride down Haleakala

 Riding down Haleakala on skateboards — that just might be a definition of insanity. These daredevils not only did just that, but they filmed it as well. Wowzers!

If you are not familiar with the road from Haleakala summit, it’s steep with switchbacks galore.

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From the looks of the video, I don’t believe these skateboarders started their decent from the very summit of Haleakala. It also looks like they managed to avoid the rush of cars and bicycles coming down from the summit after Haleakala sunrise.

Two last things about this video:

  1. We do not recommend you try this on your Maui vacation.
  2. I bet they didn’t try skating uphill. 😉

Mahalo to Dave for sending this video to my attention.

  1. These kids are nuts! It’s exhilarating to watch but I prefer to go down that hill with something that has brakes. Like a car. 😉

  2. There is NO way I would do this, I had a hard enough time riding as a passenger in our rented ford focus traveling at like 20mph!

  3. We rode our bikes down here and that was intense enough for me!! I can’t imagine skateboarding down!!

    1. Brendan — you are braver than me to bike down the volcano. I really don’t think I’ll ever get the never to bike down Haleakala. I’ve heard of too many injuries.

      Did you notice how these guys are looking around and playfully swaying back and forth? They don’t even look concerned or scared.

  4. PS, I just wanted to tell you thanks for writing this blog, we had the most memorable trip last Oct/Nov, thanks for all the tips and I love getting the emails because there isn’t a day that’s gone by since we got back that I haven’t thought about Hawaii! I think you should do a piece about Hawaiian Microbreweries, being from MI, we have so many microbreweries and beer aficionados everywhere would enjoy it. We got to go to Maui brewing and Kona brewing the passion fruit beer stole my heart. Might make skateboarding down a mountain a little less scary! XOXO

    1. Lisa — thank you for that very nice PS! 🙂 Would you mind if we shared part of it on our feedback page:

      Good idea about the microbreweries.Sounds like you’ve done your research. So, if you should ever want to write a guest post about it, we’d love that.

      We’ve been to Kona Brewing, but no to the Maui brewing place. I have tasted the passion fruit (lilikoi) one and I agree, it is good.

  5. OMG, I’m just catching up on stuff and only saw this video now. INSANE!!!!!!!!!!! These guys must be the US Pro Skateboard team or something (if it exists) because no normal person would do that. No way, no how. I couldn’t stop watching — mesmerizing. And scary.

  6. Thanks for putting the video up! glad to see people enjoy or skating! Were not as crazy as you would think, this is something we have all been doing for years and we take each run very seriously. if you ever see us riding down the volcano don’t get freaked out thinking we are out of control, we are actually able to stop on a dime and have to do so regularly. (its actually statistically safer to ride down on a board than a bike). Be sure to check out more of our videos on YouTube under
    the user names Campudese, NWboard, jimbomauidownhill, and freedomriot. Mahalo!

  7. “If you ever see us riding down the volcano don’t get freaked out”

    LOL! – I get freaked opt just thinking about it.

  8. I’m the one who filmed that whole descent. Thanks for spreading awareness. The looks on some of the tourists faces are priceless hahahaha.

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