Frizz Busters: Hawaii Hair Tips

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I’ve been traveling to Hawaii for nine years now, the first seven of those years, my hair was an absolute mess. Oh, I’d spend the time carefully styling it with curls, but within five minutes of being outside in the breeze and humidity, my hair would look terrible. The curls evaporated. What previously looked like a smooth style quickly became an embarrassing, frizzy mess.

Finally, I found the right hair products that do a much better job at holding my style and preventing the frizz. I don’t travel to Hawaii without these products now:

  • Bumble & Bumble  Tonic –  Being out on a breezy beach, snorkeling, etc. makes my hair tangle. This tonic makes combing wet hair much quicker and easier. I use this product at home and in Hawaii.
  • Bumble & Bumble Straight – This product is probably the key to preventing frizz for me. Though the product’s name is Straight, I can still curl my hair after using it. I apply this product after I’ve combed out my wet hair. By the way, this is the only styling product I use and I only use it in Hawaii.
  • Rusk Being Wired – This product is a hair wax and I only use this one in Hawaii, too. To be honestly, I’m not super keen on this product as I have to be careful to apply a light layer or it will weigh my hair down too much.
  • Living Proof’s Hold Flexible Hairspray (not pictured)– Another product that I’ve recently started using and liking is this hairspray. I purchased it because it claims that it blocks humidity. Sometimes I use this spray instead of the hair wax and It seems to do a good job holding my style.


All the the products mentioned are sold in containers holding less than 3oz, so you can carry them with your liquids through TSA. They  can be purchased at, except for the Rusk hair wax. I’m sure Sephora would have a comparable hair wax product. By the way, as you probably already know, I don’t receive any compensation for recommending these products or retailers.

My hair frizzes in humidity, but your hair may have a different reaction. So, talk to your hairstylist for your strategies for having good hair days in Hawaii.

In addition to the styling products, I also recommend you bring:

  • Hats, visors to keep your hair from flying into a reckless, tangled mess on the beach. They also shield your face from the suns strong rays
  • Hair bands to keep your hair back when snorkeling, boating, riding a convertible, etc.
  • Small travel brush in your day pack or purse to smooth your hair after visiting windy points.
  • You might want to consider bringing a dry shampoo. My mother recently gave me a sample size of Tresemme’s FreshStart dry shampoo and I want to bring it with me to Hawaii to use when I don’t have the time to wash, dry and style my hair.

What other hair tips do you recommend for Hawaii travelers?

  1. I’ve got fine, frizzy, wavy hair and humidity does not do it any favors. But I never care about it when I’m in Hawaii because – hey, I’m in Hawaii! 🙂

    1. janeray1940 – Hawaii is a great distraction from a bad hair day.

      I kind of had honeymooners in mind when I was writing this one — thinking that new brides would like to look nice for their groom and honeymoon photos.

      Like I said, for 7 years, I visited Hawaii with a frizzy mess. My hair is too thick to comfortably wear in a ponytail and I really didn’t have a way to hide the frizz in the evenings. These products keep my hair from frizzing, and I thought it would be useful to pass along the tips.

  2. So these are the products you use to keep your hair looking great in Hawaii. They must be magic, because even after a day of open-top jeep driving, snorkeling, and laying in the sun, your hair always looks fabulous! 🙂

    1. Oh, Andy, you’ve definitely seen my beyond-bad-hair-days in Hawaii. 🙂 I know you’ve noticed a huge difference since I started using these products in Hawaii.

  3. I recently was offered a job in Hawaii. My biggest fear was the constant frizz I had experienced in my past visits. My hairdresser recommended Pravana Perfection treatment, wow..worked wonders and lasts for three months. I’m sure any keratin based treatment would work great.

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