Lanai – More to Love Than Meets the Eye

During our visit to Lanai in February, we met another couple visiting Lanai for the first time.  The wife asked, “There’s not much to do on this island, is there?”  I almost gasped in surprise. You see, we’re now on Lanai for our fifth visit and I know we’ll leave with a to-do list for next time.

I suppose that it’s natural to assume that there’s not much to do on Lanai, given that it’s the smallest Hawaiian Island that you can visit. Honestly, there is more than meets the eye.  Over the years, I’ve covered many exciting Lanai adventures, like horseback riding, outstanding snorkeling, mammal watching, excellent hikes, clay shooting and off-road adventures in a Jeep to remote, untouched places.

Koloiki Hike

On this visit, we plan to try the brand new UTV adventure and if possible, we’d like to check out the kayaking near Shipwreck Beach. Eventually, we’d also like to try archery.

We’ve rented a Jeep twice for off-roading, but we’d love to rent one again to go as far as we can go along the east coast of the island.

Off roading on Lanai in a Jeep

Outstanding golfing, scuba diving (one of Hawaii’s top dive spots), surfing and hunting are other major activities to try on Lanai, though they’re not our cup of tea.

Golf with a view at The Challenge

Of course, we feel it’s a good idea to take some time to get to know Lanai’s culture, enjoy some great beach time at Hulopo’e Bay, and get some pampering with an oceanside massage. Then, in the evening, catch some live entertainment and enjoy excellent farm-to-table Hawaii cuisine.

Hulopoe Beach

So, I hope you can see that there’s lots of fun activities and adventures to try on Lanai. I’ve not even mentioned the opportunities to learn to play the ukulele, try hula and lei making at the Four Seasons Resorts of Lanai.

Even if someday, we accomplish all the activities Lanai has to offer, we’ll still be drawn back to try some of our favorites again. Plus, there’s always something new or different to try on the island.

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  1. One of my favorite spots on lanai is called Keoni. On the west coast, it is south of three stone and is a good shoreline hike through tide pools. It can be tough to get to, but well worth it once you arrive. At the end of the hike is a hugh arch that frames three stone or three sisters in the background. Great for fishing and opihi hunting. The road starts opposite the airport road. It is not listed on any of the common maps, so you’ll have to ask a local for directions. Oh and felt soled shoes (tabbies) are a must for remaining upright on the slippery rocks. 🙂

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