Waikiki Beach Upgrades Lead To Temporary and Limited Shutdowns

Waikiki from the Hanohano Room

Sand is being replenished to a section of Waikiki from the Royal Hawaiian to the Duke Kahanamoku Statue. From the above photo, the project essentially stretches along almost all of the hotels fronting the beach. The pink hotel at the bottom is the Royal Hawaiian. It’s difficult to accurately describe the other end — so see the A pinned in this google map link.

This project’s purpose is to restore the sand which will widen the beach. The result will look great when it’s all done — which is projected to complete in mid-April.

In the meantime, the project may be an inconvenience to visitors. Starting March 12, a stretch of Waikiki Beach will be closed off from from 7am until noon each day to allow trucks to deliver sand. All other areas of Waikiki Beach will be open. One of my favorite areas of Waikiki Beach is from Fort Derussy over to the Hilton Hawaii Village. That area won’t be closed.

Hawaii News Now published a good summary story and video about this project.

(Email subscribers: click here to watch the video.)

What do you think of this widening project?

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  1. It will certainly make the place look a little more like itself! The ocean and surf does takes its toll. As annoying as it is, it’s a much-needed facelift to the shore front!

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