Off the Road to Hana at Keanae Peninsula

Keanae Peninsula

A short drive to Keanae Peninsula is definitely worth the diversion off the Road to Hana. The paved drive down to this peninsula leads you to the ocean’s edge for amazing views of the Hana coast.

Keanae Peninsula

You’ll find the turn to Keanae Peninsula on the ocean (makai) side of the Road to Hana between mile markers 16 and 17. (It’s closest to mile marker). The turn is at a the bend of a hair pin curve, so drive slowly so you don’t miss the turn.

I’ve been to Keanae Peninsula in both morning and afternoon sun. I think it’s particularly beautiful during afternoon sun, but stop when ever you can – especially if the weather is sunny.

Ke’anae Congregational Church

I’d also like to note that there’s a banana bread stand, Aunty Sandy’s,  in Keanae that’s known for serving some of the best banana bread on the island.

After several visits to Ke’anae when Aunty Sandy’s was closed, we finally got to try this famed banana bread. It was warm and delicious!

Loaf of banana bread from Aunty Sandy’s

Have you been to Keanae Peninsula? How was your experience.

  1. Keanae was one of Cari’s and my favorite places on all of Maui, and we didn’t even drive the full length of the road as it winds along the ocean. We found the first safe place to stop and we ended up with our jaws on the ground for a good 20 minutes. It’s stunning. We’re probably not doing the Hana drive on our upcoming return trip, but if that changes, it’ll be because we want the kids to see this amazing spot.

  2. Keanae is one of my favorite places on Maui. Go there many times a year, stay in a cabin in the peninsula, and love it! It’s halfway to Hana but you get the Hana feel while you’re there. Gonna pin this post! 🙂

  3. Aunty Sandys is still open, at least it was when we were there in November. The banana bread was hot out of the oven, so good I can still taste it! We ate it across from the stand looking out over a marvelous view!!

  4. Yes we stopped at Aunty Sandy’s. My husband got the banana bread and even though I don’t usually do banana bread, this time I did and even I liked it. She also has some pretty good shave ice. My niece and nephew and I had some and we all agreed it is much better than the ordinary water ice we get here on the mainland. And just like the photos on this blog, mine are almost exact copies of the posted ones. Along with everything else, we thought it so special because we have an ” Aunt Sandy”in our family You have to try one more time to get to Aunty Sandy’s, it’s one of those not-to-be-missed stops on the Hana Road.

  5. Last time I was driving to Hana, we took the time to stop along the many trails and side roads. It was a great and enjoyable experience. I didn’t make the same mistake that I did the last time, which was just rushing to get to Hana. I learned that the enjoyment of traveling to Hana is the process of getting there, not simply getting there fast. And one of the neat places I saw on the road to Hana was the beautiful Keanae area. This certainly is a must stop for travelers. So take the time and spend 30 minutes to and hour here, it will be worth the extra effort.

  6. We went down to the Keanae peninsula on our last trip to Maui and I agree it is a fabulous place. And I CAN speak from experience that Aunty Sandy’s Banana Bread is the second best I’ve ever had (the BEST I’ve ever had was on Molokai)! She was just finishing up a batch and our little loaf was still hot.

  7. Just did the road to Hana earlier this month. Stopped at Aunt Sandys but three tour buses had pulled in before us so it was packed. Regardless Keanea was a beautiful spot to stop and take in the view.
    We were disappointed to find that Maui, along with the other islands, was having a drought with the rains in the upper mountains. This made the waterlevel of waterfalls and pools very low. We took the back road, great views and stop at Billys burgers, which was passable (paved an some paved with gravel) and not at all what we were expecting, unlike the northern coast road.

  8. this is the most beautiful place ive ever laid my eyes on. the 1st time i saw this place i didnt want to leave, the 2nd time i saw this place i didnt want to leave, the 3rd time i saw this place i didnt want to leave. my gf almost climbed out of the car when i came down into the peninsula…she was blown away. the banana bread is great…the scenery is mind blowing. it breaks my heart righting this review from nj, when i know this place exist.

  9. Oh this looks stunning! And that wouldn’t happen to be a little church? If so, has anyone been inside it?

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