Celebrating 2 Years of Aloha Friday Photos

Aloha Friday Photo shared by Dave on October 22, 2010

Today marks our second year of Aloha Friday Photos on Go Visit Hawaii. Can you believe it?

It’s my honor and pleasure to share your Hawaii vacation photos each Friday. You capture great photos, but more than that, you also share your memories that transport us back to Hawaii with a smile.

Many thanks for sharing two years worth of photos with us. Keep’em comin’! If you’ve not yet shared a photo, see how to submit yours for Aloha Friday Photos.

  1. I thought that picture looked familiar! Almost nobody would have seen it if you hadn’t posted it so thank you for giving us an opportunity to share. 🙂

    BTW – The picture doesn’t do the moment justice. Everyone was so incredibly happy. Couples were hugging, children were jumping up and down, others like me were fumbling for their cameras. If you were to look in the opposite direction you would see a truly spectacular sunset. Waikiki was glowing and sparkling as the rainbow, Tiki-torches and sunset were reflected on the water and in the windows of the hotels. The band at one of the hotels started to play “Somewhere over the rainbow”… It was almost magical.

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