Hawaii Vacation Discounts & News: January 18, 2012

Birds of Paradise at Punchbowl
Bird of Paradise in Oahu at Punchbowl

Hawaiian Airlines announced that they’re creating a Maui Hub  that will offer improved connections between The Valley Isle and other points within the Hawaiian Islands as well as flights to and from the West Coast. It will be interesting to see how this improves inter-island travel as this hub is implemented.

*  The Polynesian Cultural Center is offering a 10% discount by booking early. For a limited time, visitors who book their reservations ten days out or more will receive a 10% discount off their experience. The “10 Outside 10” special applies to all of PCC’s rich cultural offerings, including their excellent evening show HA: Breath of Life. You can receive this discount via booking directly online.

*  On facebook I posted about a new jet pack water adventure in Oahu that looks like something out of a Jetsons carton. That post about Jetlev seemed to interest a lot of folks. There’s currently a limited time Groupon for this adventure that knocks 50% off the cost to $199. To access this Groupon navigate to Honolulu from here.


*  Another recent facebook posting that garnered quite a bit of interest was this video about scientist discovering humpback whales and dolphins playing together in Hawaii. The video provides photos capturing the playful behavior along with captions of the scientists’ observations.

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