Aloha Friday Photo: Santa at Haleakala

Maui Dec 2007 first sunrise Jan 2008 036

Today’s Aloha Friday Photo comes to us from Annie Chavez-Hollingshead. Annie visited the summit of Haleakala for sunrise in December 2007. She had a magical visit that she describes as follows:

I have a gorgeous capture of the sunrise, despite the flurries, and cold that we experienced right before this. I  have a wonderful picture of a man that looked like Santa Claus. This was right around Christmas as a matter of fact. The interesting thing about this morning, is that is was very cold. Everyone there shivering, but this man. He had shoulder length naturally white hair, mustache, and a beard. Invision Santa. He wore nothing but a Hawaiian short-sleeved shirt, and some Cargo shorts and sandals. I never once saw this man even remotely act like he was cold. I got his attention by saying: Santa, to get his attention, and as he turned, and he realized I was going to take his picture, he gestured with a thumbs up, and let me take his picture. As we were all leaving, I didn’t see where he disappeared to? Was Santa taking a quick breather just before he had to get back to the North Pole? No one else, seemingly, was looking at this Santa looking person, but me and my friend. We have examined the photo, and no one else seemed to see what we were seeing (friend in background). We had nothing on board altering our person 🙂 Just sharing…

Isn’t that an amazing story? From the photo, it looks like Santa is really enjoying the sunrise view, by flashing a shaka .

Since this photo was taken in early December, I imagine Santa was taking a pre-Christmas break to recharge his batteries before Christmas Eve. Maui is the perfect place for that.

Annie also shared this beautiful Haleakala sunrise photo that she took that same morning.

Maui Dec 2007 first sunrise Jan 2008 037

Mahalo nui loa Annie for sharing her fantastic photos and amazing story!

    1. Agree, Andy. I’ve seen a lot of Haleakala sunrise photos, but I don’t think I’ve seen ones with such a deep blue sky.

  1. You know, Santa comes here on Maui regularly on Christmastime. Some people have spotted him on the beach (I think it’s the same Santa) wearing his suit. Honestly, some took a photo too like this. Maui is a special place …. 🙂

  2. That is one spectacular sunrise photo! Kudos to Annie!

    I truly believe Santa can be in different places at any one time, more especially around Christmas time. Santa above firms that belief!

    Indeed, Maui is NOT on Santa’s naughty list.

    Aloha and Merry Christmas to All!!!

  3. Hi everyone! I hadn’t checked in for a bit, so I wanted to thank you all for the kind words in my captures. I’m glad I could share them and my interpretation of Santa in HI. Need to get back there soon!Till later…

  4. Hello Annie! So thrilled that you visited Maui! The crater is beautiful as we recall at sunrise and the descent is so pretty with the views of the ocean all the way down! What beautiful photos of the sunrise and Santa!

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