Kualoa Ranch Video

Kualoa Ranch

I’ve mentioned before that I’m a fan of devinsupertramp’s YouTube videos. His newest video of Kualoa Ranch is yet another fantastic one!

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This video could  come across as a commercial to highlight all the fun adventures you can do at Kualoa Ranch, but it’s not. In Devin’s video description, he writes,

Going back to the location where we filmed this, it is actually my favorite place in all of Oahu Hawaii. Without question the most scenic. It’s also the main location in Oahu where Hollywood movies are filmed. Such movies as Jurassic Park, 50 First Dates, Godzilla, Wind talkers, Pearl Harbor Mighty Joe Young and even a great deal of the TV show LOST was filmed here.

It’s also a huge tourist attraction where, as you can see, you can horseback ride, sail boat, 4 wheel, movie bus tours, jungle expedition, boat cruise, dinner, the list goes on 🙂 It really is honestly the most photogenic place in all of Oahu. And by the way, I’m not paid to say that 🙂 I actually did this video for free, there was no money involved. And I did it just because I love the location.

Andy and I have been to Kualoa Ranch for the movie tour in 2007. We had heard that LOST was filmed there, so as big LOST fans, we were anxious to see it.  (By the way, if you are LOST fans too, check out my post, Oahu’s Top 3 Scenes Where LOST is Filmed.) We thought that this movie tour was very well priced at $19 per person then. The price has increased to $23 per person, which is still a good value.

We agree with Devin that Kualoa Ranch is beautiful. Based on our experience, we can recommend that you check it out on your Oahu vacation. And, just like Devin, we weren’t paid to say that either.

Have you been to Kualoa Ranch on your Oahu vacation? What was your experience?

  1. nicely done video! I have driven by Kualoa Ranch but I must go there next time! So beautiful!

    1. Janet – I know you’re a Hawaii Five-O watcher….I’ve recognized some of the show’s scenes have been set at Kualoa Ranch. So, that’s just one more reason to check it out. 🙂

  2. Hey Sheila,

    Great video… Devin is quite the talented guy! 🙂

    We’ll definitely be visiting the Ranch in September when on Oahu.

    Just curious, we couldn’t tell in the tours if any had transpo included from Waikiki or do you simply get there on your own and start the tours from there?

    We must have passed this on the way to the Polynesian Cultural Centre last time?

    Again, great video!

    Nancy & Shawn

    1. Nancy & Shawn — I’m pretty sure that the tour prices don’t include tranport from Waikiki. Once you get on the Kamehameha Highway on the Windward side, it’s not hard to find. I bet you did pass by it on the way to the PCC.

  3. Amazing video! Will definitely have to look into going there during our stay on Oahu. 🙂

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