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Last week, I asked the wonderful Go Visit Hawaii readers to share their favorite thing about Hawaii. I truly enjoyed reading each comment and found myself nodding in agreement many times. I think you’ll definitely enjoy reading the compilation, which will tickle your senses while realizing the how richly blessed we’ve been to have visited Hawaii.

Some of the most commonly mentioned favorite things are Hawaii’s warm year-round weather, the sunsets, the sand, the trees, the friendly people with Aloha Spirit, the excellent snorkeling, and colorful tropical flowers.

kauai2010 236
This photo from Princeville on Kauai shows many of your favorite things -- trees, sand, and ocean.

What else do you like? Well, from the following responses, you’ll see that there’s lots to love about Hawaii.

Annette loves Hawaiian pineapples –  “We can eat almost one a day! The tropical sweetness is like no other.”

Judith’s pick was the Road to Hana was Judith’s pick. She enjoys seeing the waterfalls amidst the lush forest on this drive. Also, from the Road to Hana,  Sheralyn likes the bamboo forest on the Pipiwai Trail at the Kipahulu section of Haleakala National Park.

Steve loves the ocean – “[W]hether boating, whale watching, snorkeling or walking the beach – we love the blue waters of Hawaii! “

Former Maui resident, Tanya, explains how she loves and misses the sounds. “I was born and raised in Kihei, Maui and moved away with parents…I visit frequently and I never realized what I missed most until I was actually gone. I miss the waves crashing at night and the sound of the crickets and toads, if you went to Kihei now, you can still hear the waves, but not so many toads as Kihei is very popular, but I remember when there was only just one fast food place and Foodland to shop at….ahhhhh, memories.”

Kauai’s Waimea Canyon was one of Anna’s and Joanne’s favorite things.

Angeline had a very specific favorite thing — “hitting the Beach Bar at the Moana Surfrider for a glass of wine just in time for sunset.”

Janet said, “I guess my favorite thing would be color. The color of the water, the bright greens of the mountains and all the trees and foliage. The color of the sunsets.”

Kristi’s favorite things about Hawaii are: “ [I]t has all the elements of life: fire, water, mountains, volcanoes, salt air, rich island traditions with music and food…Hawaii celebrates life.”

Daphne loves the “romantic feel of walking down Waikiki Beach, hand in hand at sunset.”  That’s why she and her husband are going there in July to renew their vows for their 10th anniversary.

Jill had an eclectic list from her visit to the Big Island – farmers markets, photo opportunities and donkey balls.

David’s response made me chuckle as I read it — “G-O-L-F oh and everything else!”

Sophie Sue’s favorite things evoke the senses of touch and smell — “The way the sand feels on my toes and the smell of the ocean.”

Sharing Hawaii with her boyfriend two years ago was Shanna’s favorite thing. What a romantic  impression the islands must have made on the couple as they’re getting married on Waikiki Beach later this year!

Leialoha likes that in Hawaii “you can be as adventurous, or as lazy as you want while visiting.”

Kamila’s list is quite adventurous — hiking, camping, kayaking, snorkeling were first on her list, but she topped the list off with her wedding.

Julie mentioned that she likes how each island has its own beauty and is so different.

Frances likes Hawaii’s clean air.

James enjoys his long runs along the Queen K on the Big Island.

Both Bob and Shawn say that  Hawaii is “heaven on earth”.

David had plenty of favorite things on his list including — “swimming at one of the Kam beach parks and FEELING the whales sing; photographing sunrises at Haleakala; snorkeling at Ahihi Bay and watching the humuhumunukunukuapua’a swim around; listening to the bag piper play at sunset in Kihei; dinner at the Waterfront in Maalaea”

The quirkiest responses was from Kris and I love it! He offered a very clever take with a Hawaii version of the song Favorite Things:
Helicopter rides over hot, lava flows,
brief mauka showers and double rainbows,
dives underwater and hearing whales sing,
these are a few of my favorite things.”

Sheila Brennan was the randomly selected winner of the print on canvas. Congratulations Sheila. (Sheila’s a nice name, by the way.  🙂 ) Her comment was, “Favorite single thing is the music…I love all the traditional dances that inspire the music or visa versa. I’ve attended three different luaus and all were just a bit different from the other. One should not visit the Hawaiian Islands without going to at least one luau. The pageantry is just breathtaking.”

Thank you all so much for sharing your favorite things. I felt transported back to Hawaii as I read and savored each one of them. Mahalo for the trip! 😉

  1. Bob and Louise’s favorite things about Hawaii are the beautiful aroma of plumeria and tuber rose in the air, the sweet cooing sound of the zebra doves, and the laid-back, peaceful nature of the people in Hawaii

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