Top Tips for Saving Money on Your Hawaii Vacation

I wish that I could stand on top of Diamond Head and shout out that going to Hawaii does not have to wipe out your bank account.Diamond Head

Sure, Hawaii can be an expensive destination, but there are plenty of ways to save in order to make a Hawaii vacation affordable to your budget.

I’ve written a series of articles with my top tips for saving money on Hawaii vacations. I wanted to gather all those ideas in one spot for your convenience. For simplicity, I’ll share the links to each of those articles.

Let’s start with money saving ideas for the big ticket vacation costs, flights and accommodations:

Strategies for Finding the Lowest Airfare to Hawaii

Save Money on Hawaii Vacation Accommodations

Next, you’re going to need to get around to see the sights, so consider how to save on car rental with 7 Hawaii Car Rental Money Saving Ideas

Then, you’ve got to eat. You won’t starve with these tips Saving Money on Hawaii Vacation Dining & Meals

To round out your vacation, you might want to go to a luau or take a helicopter tour, so check out these tour expense trimming ideas: Saving Money on Hawaii Vacation Tours & Activities

It is my sincere wish that these money saving ideas will help you get to Hawaii for the first time, then get back to Hawaii more often, stay longer, and maybe even save enough to splurge on your own Hawaii vacation memory.

Please bookmark this page and share it with friends and family. Let’s help everyone find Hawaii more affordable.

  1. Nice blog! I was lucky enough to visit Hawaii when my son was stationed at Hickam AFB. I would love to climb Diamond Head again and yes, I got the certificate that verifies I made it all the way to the top!! I will definitely visit this site again before my next trip and thanks to your money saving ideas it will be sooner than later.

    Thanks, Kim

  2. When was 8 years old, I visited Hawaii. Sheila, After seeing this post, i could remember the whole story of my Hawaii vacation. Liked your tips to save money during Hawaii vacation.

  3. I receive your newsletter and am planning first trip for Feb or March. Plan to spend seven days on big island five on Maui and. Based on your review, a quick one day to visit pearl harbor. Do u use travel agents or randomly select hotels

    1. We don’t personally use a travel agent when we travel to Hawaii. We choose based on where we think a hotel will have a wide appeal to our audience. Then we write very detailed reviews of where we stay along with real, unstaged photos so that our readers will get a good idea of what the hotel is really like.

  4. My wife and I recently stayed at the Cliffs in Kauai and I have one tip for all travelers heading to the island, RENT A CONDO! The condos at The Cliffs are amazing because we had our own kitchen so we didn’t have to eat out every meal. We stopped at local taco stand, The Tropical Taco and we spent $15.00 per taco. The tacos were amazing but if we had to eat out ever meal like that we would have ended up spending a ton of cash on going out to eat. So I recommend renting a condo with your own kitchen.

  5. We are going to Honolulu then Maui what are you recommendations for five adults and three children under 8? Best things the kids would love!

  6. We are going to Maui 4/25/22 to 5/1/22. Just my fiance and I. We have flight booked but don’t know where to stay. Would like some tips to save money

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