Will The Eddie Go Today?

Ehukai Beach Park - Banzai Pipeline
When the massive ocean swells hit the North Shore of Oahu, we perk our ears up to see if Eddie Aikau big wave surfing event is on. Waves must reach a minimum height of 20 feet (resulting in a wave face of 30 feet in height) for this special surfing event to happen.

Thousands of people literally gather around Waimea Bay to watch “the Eddie”.The StarAdvertiser has reported that thousands have already gather this morning in the hopes that the waves will be high enough.

If the event does happen, you can watch it live here.

*** UPDATE *** Officials have said, “It’s not an Eddie day.” They monitored the waves for 5 hours. They were only finding maybe six waves an hour that were tall enough (20 feet or taller.) The swells just weren’t consistent enough. So, unfortunately, the competition is off for the day.

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  1. Isn’t a sad commentary that I have to read your blog to find out that the big surf is up? Crazy I know. Beautiful photos.

    Karen in Honolulu

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