Aloha Friday Photo: No Rain = No Rainbows Edition


Today’s gorgeous Aloha Friday Photo comes to us from my friend Dave from Oahu. Here’s Dave’s story about this photo:

I park a few blocks away from work because I like/need the walk. On this day it was raining so I decided to walk straight to the car instead of walking down the beach but changed my mind.  I was thinking that if the sun were to come out, it would create a rainbow in the direction of Diamond Head. Sure enough! As soon as I got to the beach, the sun came out made a perfect, sunset rainbow over Diamond Head! Woo Hoo! :^)

As you can see from the photo, Diamond Head is still brown. Due to the fact that we get more rain in the Winter, it should start turning green pretty soon.

I like the rain out here. We typically don’t get a huge downpour. The vast majority of the time the rain is more like scattered but heavy mist which is perfect for producing the amazing rainbows that Hawaii is so famous for.

No Rain = No Rainbows!  ;^)

I’m glad Dave decide to walk down the beach instead of straight to his car, aren’t you? Mahalo Dave!

  1. yup…have seen that too! So good to see it through your camera…but i’d still rather be there.

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