5 Reasons Why You Should Go Visit Hawaii Fall 2010

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Though summer vacation has come to an end and that chill of fall and winter is inevitably on the way, there’s no need to feel down. Hawaii’s year-round warmth awaits your return.

Autumn is an excellent time to head to the islands of Aloha. In case you need some motivation, here are 5 reasons why you should be planning to visit Hawaii this fall.

1 –  Hawaii’s fall weather is wonderfully warm and sunny! The weather may be cooling off in your neck of the woods, but Hawaii’s weather is summer-like all year long. You can expect daytime highs to be in the mid to lower 80s, while the evenings typically cool down to mid-70’s. Even the water’s warm enough for snorkeling year-round. So, leave your winter coat and gloves at home and say aloha to bathing suits and snorkel gear.

2 – Crowds are down. With the kiddos back in school, you’ll find a little more elbow room on the islands.

3 – Deals, deals, deals! Two of the cheapest times to visit Hawaii are almost all of fall (except around Thanksgiving) and late spring (after Easter and before Memorial Day). With less demand and visitors, hotels and airlines try to entice visitors with lower rates.

4 – You’re more likely to get an upgrade.. With less hotel and airline demand for Hawaii, more seats and rooms are available. That means that more of the oceanview rooms and first class tickets are open. There’s no guarantee for upgrades, but I’ve heard of several instances of hotel room upgrades during the slower periods. We’re  flying to Oahu this October and we’ve been able to use miles to upgrade to first class. I doubt we would have been able to do that in the summer.

5 – Hawaii is always festive. I don’t believe there’s any place on earth that celebrates more than Hawaii. Seriously, there’s almost always an interesting cultural event going on. Use the events finder on GoHawaii.com to see what celebrations, festivals and special events are on tap this fall.

Want to visit Hawaii this fall, but you’re not sure which island(s) to see? Check out my advice to choose the perfect Hawaiian island for your vacation.

Have you visited Hawaii in the fall? Did you find these five reasons to visit to be true?

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