Fields of Happy Hawaii Cows

When you think about Hawaii, images of cows don’t immediately pop to mind. So, it may be a surprise to you to learn that Hawaii is home to one of the largest cattle ranches in the US. That would be the Parker Ranch on the Big Island of Hawaii.

Today’s fields of Hawaii photo shows a pasture near Honokaa off Highway 240 on Hawaii’s Big Island — a beautiful drive that leads you to Waipio Valley. Though there are only a couple of cows in this photo, I thought the scenery deemed it worthy to post in this Fields of Hawaii series.
Off Hwy 240 Between Honokaa and Waipio Valley

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  1. I love our cows! Like the roosters, they signify peace for me!

    It’s so funny we both ended up with cows this month — I couldn’t help but notice the healthy darlings we ran into while on Maui.

    Great picture with the ocean as the back drop! Aaahh! Where’s my hammock??? 🙂

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