Aloha Phriday Photo: Waikiki Shore Break Edition


Let me tell you, my friend, Dave, from Oahu captures some amazing shots with his iPhone. He’s sharing this panorama beauty with us for what he’s calling “Aloha Phriday Photo” 🙂

Dave took this photo from “The Wall” across the street from the Honolulu Zoo. (See this Google Map. “The Wall” is at the end of Kapahulu Avenue.) Dave tells me that this section of Waikiki Beach is the best place in Waikiki for body-surfing and body-boarding. Per Dave, the waves are great for kids. If you don’t have a body-board, you can rent one right there.

If you are driving into Waikiki, Dave tells me that you can park nearby at the zoo for fairly cheap. Each 15 minutes cost $0.25 with a four-hour meter capacity before you need to load up with more quarters. (See this post for more Waikiki cheap parking advice.)

Mahalo nui loa to Dave for sharing his excellent photo and local advice!

  1. Thanks! – I’m pretty happy with the quality of the pictures you get from the iPhone. I use Photogene to correct color and AutoStitch to create the panoramas.

    The pictures have just enough resolution to look good when you make prints at 4×6 as well.

    I haven’t used my “Real” camera or Photoshop on any of my pictures in quite a while. It’s just too handy, fast & easy with the phone.

    BTW – My family goes to this spot almost every weekend. My 7-Year old LOVES it. The shore-break waves are decent sized and a lot of fun but not overwhelming.

    We typically bring a small cooler & disposable BBQ, and cook a few burgers or have a weenie roast and body-surf all day.

    We also like this spot versus a more remote part of the island because it has everything a family needs like lots of nearby stores, restaurants, clean bathrooms, etc…

  2. As you have also pointed out in the past – You can see that there aren’t many people on the beach at sunset.

    It’s a LOT easier to find parking after about 3:00 in the afternoon. The sun isn’t as intense as earlier in the day and the sunset reminds us that it’s about time to go home or we never leave.

    A sunset swim with your spouse can sometimes be an almost magical experience, especially when the beach is so empty.

  3. Hey there Dave! Thanks for another great shot. Sunsets here are beautiful, but there’s nothing like Hawaii. Hope you and yours are well! 🙂 Sharon

  4. I just love this area too. But it is hard to find parking at times. If you are a photography buff it is well worth your time to get there early in the morning or late in the afternoon. The quiet of the lapping waves and the beautiful colors are just so wonderful.

    Karen in Honolulu

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