Aloha Friday Photo: Snorkeling with Turtles Edition


Today’s Aloha Friday photo comes to us from Ryan Root who took this photo while snorkeling from a black sand beach on Hawaii’s Big Island. What a great shot!

I tell ya, getting a nice snorkel photo like this one takes either a whole lot of skill or luck. Andy and I don’t seem to have much of either when we snorkel. So, when I see a nice snorkel photo like this one, I always admire it.

Have you ever seen sea turtles (honu) while snorkeling or diving in Hawaii? I have and it was almost magical. Honu move so gracefully in the ocean. It’s very peaceful to watch them swim.

Mahalo to Ryan for sharing his photo and to his mom, Julie, for sending it!

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  1. You never realize it until you’re floating next to a sea turtle but those creatures are absolutely monstrous. My wife was floating around looking down at the fish when she almost bumped into one! They move so gracefully underwater too, it’s funny how we think of them as “slow” when the plod along on land.

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