Alelele Falls on Maui’s Road to Hana

Alelele Falls
Alelele Falls

Who’s up for some adventure in a rainforest? How does a short hike to see a 50-foot waterfall sound? Let’s do it!

Along  the road to Hana, you can find an abundance of waterfalls. Some waterfalls are visible from the road while many others require a short hike. Alelele Falls is one of those waterfalls requiring a short hike of approximately 15 minutes.

The hiking trail to the falls follows along the Alelele Stream and it’s a good idea to wear a hiking sandal or shoe that can get wet. We did have to cross the stream. (See my recommendation for a good shoe for Hawaii’s trails and streams.) We also had to climb over large rocks.

Alelele Falls is located in the Kipahulu region of Haleakala National Park. Use this link to a park map and look for Alelele Stream. You might refer to this Google Map indicating Alelele Falls noting that the blue marker identifies the general area of the falls. As for nearby landmarks, look for a bay (Lelekea Bay) and the Alelele Bridge – between the 38 and 39 mile markers on Highway 31 (Pilani Highway).

Be extra cautious and aware of the possibility of flash floods. Don’t attempt this hike after a significant rain.

I should also note that Alelele Stream basically marks the end of the rental car approved section of the road to Hana. Beyond this point is often referred to as the “back side of the road to Hana” and is forbidden by most major rental car companies.

  1. Great tip for the Hana Road! I did the drive once with my family when I was a kid and loved it. I don’t think we stopped at the Alelele Falls, but next time I’ll have to check them out.

  2. The “back road” to Hana has a 15-mile stretch of rutted bumpy dirt road that is very very tough on cars. That’s the reason that we ask customers to avoid it, unless they are driving a SUV or truck.

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