Go Visit Hawaii Turns Three!

gvhcake When I started Go Visit Hawaii in March 2007, I really didn’t have any specific goals other than to share my passion for Hawaii. I’m not sure I could have envisioned that three years later I’d still be going strong. I have to thank you the readers, my blog pals and, of course, my husband and Go Visit Hawaii photographer Andy for encouraging and inspiring me.

As we begin our fourth year, I think it’s useful to reflect on where we’ve been. I remember the days when I was excited to see that we had a 100 visitors a day and 27 subscribers. So, I thought you might be interested in hearing some current statistics about Go Visit Hawaii:

  • 1,170 posts
  • Approaching 4,500 comments
  • Approaching 1,000 subscribers
  • Receive approximately 60,000+ unique visitors per month

And finally, here’s a bit of trivia for you — guess where I was when I decided to write Go Visit Hawaii. Would you believe I was dining at an Italian restaurant in Sydney, Australia? I still smile every time I remember that moment and how it was one of the most unlikeliest of locations to inspire this North Carolinian to write a blog about Hawaii. God does work in mysterious ways!

  1. Happy birthday to you…happy birthday to you…. 🙂

    Who would have thought that an industrial engineer from Raleigh would end up being the leading expert in Hawaii toursim!

    Of course, I was just happy to eat birthday cake! 😛

  2. Aloha Sheila! Congratulations on turning 3 years old. You are truly an ambassador of ALOHA in North Carolina. I appreciate everything you do to support the Hawaiian Islands. See you in Hawaii again soon!

    A hui hou,

  3. That He does, my dear friend!

    Hauʻoli lā hānau to my darling friend, support, and sounding board! 🙂 Do we have to say happy birthday to Andy’s camera? 😉

    Hugs to my darling support across the sea! Sending you dolphins with leis and birthday banners! Big hugs!

  4. WOW! – Happy Birthday! Wishing you many, many more. 🙂

  5. Happy Bloggyversary Go Visit Hawaii! We truly enjoy and appreciate this blog! And we truly appreciate you Sheila and Andy. Much Aloha to you!


  6. Hi Sheila! Happy 3 years old! The next three will also be exciting! I really enjoy reading your posts and learning new things about the wonderful place where I get to live. Keep it up and thank you for all your hard work. jerry Kohala Coast, the Big Island, Hawaii.

  7. Mahalo everyone for your kind words. You really don’t know how much I appreciate your support and encouragement!

  8. Aloha Shiela. And Mahola for keeping my hopes and dreams alive for returning to the most beautiful isles (that I have ever seen) in the world. I’m sure that with the recent surge of the vacationing middle class Hawaii will be a most popular destination from now on, and your blog will surely be out there to give a truely unbiased view of anything Hawaii— now wait! Nobody can give an unbiased report on Hawaii once they’ve been there and seen it!!! Anyway, Congratulations on your 3rd Birthday and may you have many more years of reporting.

    PS thanks to Andy for his terrific photograht too! Words without pictures can only go so far in describing Hawaii’s beautiful assets

  9. Laura & Marco says:

    and keep up your terrific work !! This blog is my daily breath of ALOHA !!! Even when I have no time to post a comment … I always have to smile and DREAM of our next trip to those wonderful islands !!
    Marco and myself have learnt so much from your articles … and will follow many of your “suggestions” this August – while visiting Oahu, Kauai and Maui !!! WOW !!! A month of “dreams come true” !!!!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!! laura & Marco

  10. Happy birthday and thanks again for all your help to plan our dream holiday. Only 2 sleeps to go!!!

  11. I just wanted to thank you all, again, for such kind words. I’m a bit shy when it comes to compliments, but please, please know I am so grateful for each one of your comments! Mahalo nui loa!

  12. I am from Australia and I checked your Go Visit Hawaii site regularly before my trip to Hawaii. I’m glad that you were inspired to write it whilst in Australia. The information you provide about Hawaii certainly benefitted me. Thanks!

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