Celebrating Romance In Hawaii

If you’ve chosen to go to Hawaii to for your wedding, honeymoon or to celebrate an anniversary, you’ve made an excellent choice. Hawaii may be one of the most romantic places on earth. A couple of years ago I wrote this list of the top 5 most romantic things to do in Hawaii. I thought it was time to update the list with a few more ideas and examples.

1. Take in a beautiful sunset.
Maui Sunset with Tiki torchesThere’s really nothing much more romantic than saying aloha to the sun as it sinks into the ocean. Make watching sunset even more memorable with a sunset cruise/sail or dinner. If you are planning a dinner, see my tips for planning the perfect sunset dinner in Hawaii. Two of my favorite Hawaii restaurants for sunset dining are The Beach House on Kauai and The Plantation Restaurant on Maui.

Although, it’s a treat to dine at a nice restaurant with a lovely sunset view, you really can’t top watching sunset with sand in your toes. Consider a sunset picnic on the beach. Some hotels can prepare a picnic basket for you. Alternatively, it’s easy to pick up picnic supplies at one of the local grocery stores. Make sure you don’t just pack up and leave as soon as the sun is down. Watch for the amazing colors of the sky after sunset for an even more memorable sunset.

If you are on Maui, consider going to Haleakala to watch sunrise. There’s something very special and romantic about watching sunrise on Haleakala when you are snuggling up to your sweetheart under a blanket.

2. Take a helicopter ride to discover the islands from the air.
If you ever watch those “searching for love” reality shows like The Bachelor, you’ll notice at some point along the show, a couple will go on a helicopter tour. There’s a buzz that you get from seeing the beautiful islands from a different perspective. When you get to share a helicopter tour with your sweetie, it makes it even more special. Be sure to read and follow these Hawaii helicopter tour tips.

Ocean Hale Massage at Sunset3. Arrange for an ocean side couples massage.
Imagine the bliss of side by side massages on a beach while you listen to the waves crash on the shore. Andy and I recently enjoyed a couples massage at one of the ocean side hales at the Four Seasons Lanai at Manele Bay. We arranged the massage at sunset. The experience was wonderfully romantic as we were lulled into relaxation with the sound of the waves, the feel of the breeze, and the flickering glow from the candlelight as the sunset.

4. Go horseback riding.
There are some fantastic places to go horseback riding in Hawaii – in rainforests, rolling hills, valleys, and beaches. Two areas in Hawaii that I think are particularly romantic for horseback riding are the North Shore of Kauai with Princeville Ranch and on Oahu along the shore at Turtle Bay Resort.

5. Go stargazing.
On a moonless night, Hawaii’s skies sparkle with an incredible array of stars. Hawaii is one of the top spots in the world for astronomy. To stargaze with your sweetie, you can either find a secluded spot with limited surrounding light or take a guided tour. Also, check out my Hawaii stargazing Q&A with an astronomy expert.

6. Tour a garden.
Flowers are romantic, right? Well, how about touring a garden full of romance in bloom? On the Big Island, I particularly love Hawaii Botanical Tropical Garden. You’ll find lush gardens on all the Onomea Fallsmajor islands.

7. Chase waterfalls.
I can’t put my finger on why waterfalls are romantic. Can you? Maybe it’s the beauty of waterfalls that inspires romance. Here’s my list of 8 great Hawaii waterfalls.

8. Go hiking.
There’s something oddly romantic about navigating a hiking trail to discover beautiful views. Maybe it’s symbolic of life’s journey shared as a couple. I better stop my rambling before I become too philosophical. To help you find some great trails, be sure and check out my list of Hawaii hiking resources.

  1. Going hiking covers the mountain part! Love the waterfalls! Let’s see, how about moonlight walks on the beach as the waves gently splash over your feet and the sand wraps around your ankles. Sigh, I so need a vacation. 🙂

    Great list, Sheila!

    1. Oh Evelyn, that’s a fantastic addition to our romantic list! Mahalo for sharing it.

      Even if the evening isn’t moonlit, it’s very romantic to walk by a beach that’s lined with tiki torches.

      Oh, dear, now you’ve got me sighing, too. 🙂

  2. One of the most romantic places to enjoy the sunset is having drinks at the Halekaulani’s house without a key. Hula soft music, sunset, and a Mai Tai with that special someone.

    1. Malia – oh yes, I agree with you. The last time we stayed in Waikiki, we went for sunset drinks at the Halekulani twice in the same week.

  3. Yeah, some Hawaiian sunsets are tough to beat. Another great thing that can be seen around Waimea from time to time is a moonbow, which is a rainbow at night. That is pretty amazing.

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