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Maui SunsetI’m excited to announce that we’ve launched a Facebook Community for Go Visit Hawaii. If you are on Facebook, please join the Go Visit Hawaii community. The goal of the community is to provide a fun new way for readers to interact, share photos, memories, and suggestions. It will also be a place to share news and deals that are a bit more time sensitive.

To join the community go to: http://www.facebook.com/govisithawaii and click on the button that says, “Become A Fan” and watch for another announcement this week. Mahalo!

  1. Will the things you post on the Facebook page show up in my news feed? (I hope so)

    1. Dave – I believe it will. Next time I post something, I’ll let you know so you can check for sure. Thanks for your interest!

    2. Dave – I just posted a link about Allegiant Air and their plans to add a new service to Hawaii. Please check your news feed and let me know if it shows in the feed. Thanks!

    1. Great! Thanks for letting me know.

      That’s very interesting that Facebook is becoming your feed reader. Do you know why? Do you think it might replace your RSS reader?

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