What’s the Weather Like on Maui?

Today, we’re going to revisit a blast from the past post – Maui Weather Forecast Resources For Your Vacation –  originally posted in August, 2008. Though this post is an oldie, it’s still packed full of useful Maui weather forecast resources.

Maui’s weather is wonderfully warm year-round and if you’re headed there, then you’ll want to know how the weather is looking.  Here are some resources to help you out.
Long-Range Weather Forecasting

There’s a saying that past behavior is the best predictor of future behavior.  To a large extent that’s true for the weather.  Weather.com maintains a history of Maui’s average temperature and rainfall levels by month.  Those averages are a great indicator of future weather.  For example, you can see that January is the coolest and rainiest month while June is one of the warmer and drier months.

Five to Ten Days Out

We have a great Hawaii weather page that shows the Maui forecast.

Hawaii’s local television stations have quite a bit of weather information online.  You can even watch a video of the seven-day forecast. For example, here’s the link for Hawaii News Now 7-day weather forecast for Kahalui.

Maui News, the island’s newspaper has a weather forecast section that allows you to focus on the weather for specific areas of the island.

Weather.com offers ten-day weather forecasts.  Here’s the link for Maui’s 10-day forecast.

Weather Forecast When You are On Your Maui Vacation

The National Weather Service offers a toll-free telephone number to hear more detailed and shorter term weather forecasts. That toll-free number is (866) 944-5025.  In addition to the general weather forecast, this automated phone service offers a wealth of information including:

  • Sunrise, sunset and tide times.
  • Haleakala summit forecast, which would be particularly useful if you plan to go to see Haleakala sunrise or sunset.
  • Coastal water weather predictions including wind strength and wave heights.  This information would be useful if you plan to do any sailing, sea kayaking, or snorkeling.

What Maui weather forecasts do you use?

    1. Melanie – I’m so glad you’ll get good use out of these resources.

      Haleakala sunrise is really quite moving to watch — I’d even go so far as to say it’s a spiritual event. So, I’m happy to hear you’ve planned it into your Maui plans. We always try to get there early and stargaze if the moon isn’t up. The number of stars that you can see from there are incredible. We usually see “shooting stars” as well.

      You know Andy & I would sniff out a great breakfast place…so, after watching sunrise and checking out the summit of Haleakala, head to Kula to the Kula Lodge for an incredible view and breakfast. Make sure you check out their small but very interesting garden as well. https://www.govisithawaii.com/2008/08/18/kula-lodge-restaurant-a-great-place-for-breakfast-after-watching-haleakala-sunrise/

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