Hawaii Vacation Deals & News Roundup: November 4, 2009

Just a few quick links to bring to your attention today:

* November and December have always been really quiet and economical times to visit Hawaii, with the obvious exceptions of the days around Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years Eve. TravelZoo.com has a great list of hotel deals on all the major islands. There’s too many deals to list, so check it out here.

* From our series on the best Hawaii restaurants, we were fortunate to have Oahu residents, Dave and Alice, provide a very detailed list of their favorite Oahu restaurants. Dave and Alice recommend the Oceanarium Restaurant in Waikiki for the best buffet. I found a great 25% off coupon here that’s valid through December 15, 2009.

* I found the Oceanarium coupon through eCouponsHawaii.com, which usually has a handful of coupons to help us visitors save a bit of cash. See my post: Hawaii Vacation Coupons and Discounts for more information.

    1. Marsha – Are you seeing surcharges for Nov and Dec? That’s odd. The only time I see higher rates are only the days around Thanksgiving and Christmas. Is that what you’re referring to? With the exception of those days, you’ll find very good rates because occupancy levels are much lower in November and December.

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