Hawaii Vacation Misadventures of Andy & Sheila: Renting the Right Car on the Wrong Island

In April, we shoehorned a trip to Maui in between other trips and around the schedules of four very busy people. On top of that, we booked the vacation only eight days before the trip! It was a surprise trip that we’d been planning for my parents for quite some time, but for many reasons hadn’t been able to book the trip. So, in April we found a great opportunity that worked for everyone’s schedule and we seized it.

With such a short planning window, Andy and I were scampering to make all our plans. To help with the planning, Andy booked the rental cars and printed copies of our reservation confirmations. We needed one car for our entire vacation on Maui, plus another car for just one day for an Oahu day trip.

Andy booked two cars….yes, he did indeed!

Wait for it!

When we arrived on Oahu for our day trip, there was no record of our reservation. Andy presented our copy of the reservation to the nice agent. She took one look at it and said, “Your rental car for today is waiting for you on Maui.” We stared at each other, bewildered, for a few seconds. Then, we realized that in the rush of planning, Andy had inadvertently rented the car–that we needed on Oahu–for Maui. Doh!

Thankfully, Avis was able to accommodate us and even honored the discount rate that we had booked for Maui, even though it was Easter weekend. Whew!

  1. One time I booked a round-trip flight to a conference in Fort Lauderdale Florida. The conference was actually in Orlando. I realized the error the day before the trip. I had a nice 4-hour drive to Orlando after the all-day trip from Honolulu to Fort Lauderdale. Well over 24 hours from leaving the house to arriving at the hotel. 🙁

    1. Oh dear, Dave.You must have been exhausted! Next time you need to go somewhere in the South or East coast, please feel free to consult with me. 🙂

  2. When my sister, mom and I stopped for food in Paia, I saw a homeless man digging through the garbage. I felt bad and offered him some of my Trader Joe’s fruit snacks that I had packed for our Road to Hana trip. He was really nice and started chatting with me. In the meantime, my mom and sister came back to the car. Once we finally left, my sister couldn’t believe that the homeless man had the same Trader Joe’s fruit snack like the ones I had packed. She said, “I didn’t know they had a TJ’s on Maui!” What was even funnier was mom who was furiously trying to get back in the car and I wouldn’t unlock the doors while I was talking to my new friend!

    1. While others will see the misadventure in your story and your mother may have entertained you, I don’t as a prior “local” feel the word funnier should be included. By saying funnier, and not stating what was funny earlier, leaves one to wonder. I know you you did not mean the homeless man, as we all know blessed in paradise with nothing is more magical that living mainland with everything. Thank you for sharing your candy and kindness in this love revolution. Mahalo, Karen

      1. Hi Karen –

        Nathalie has been a long-time reader and commenter here and from that I can gather, she has a true appreciation for Hawaii, the people and culture. So I’m pretty sure that she wasn’t making fun of or belittling the local homeless person with her comment.

      2. Karen- Sorry, I should have clarified!! The funny part was just messing with my mom while I was engaged in a conversation. Our car rental was a source of some funny moments during our trip as well. I meant no disrespect to the man at all. Something just made me start talking to him. Thanks Sheila! TJ’s is great. The fruit roll-ups are the best travel snack (especially if you don’t want to ruin dinner at let’s say hmmm Sansei or Mama’s. Ha!!

    2. Nathalie – that was so nice of you to share the snacks that you had brought along for your long day of scenic driving!

      As a strange aside – would you believe I’ve never been to a Trader Joes? They are just getting established in North Carolina. We have one about 45 minutes away. Yesterday I told my hairdresser that I’d never been there and she looked at me like I had three heads. 🙂 She said there’s a Trader Joes that’s being built that’s closer to my home. So, I’ll have to drop in when it opens and try out the fruit snacks. 🙂

  3. I bet that has happened to lots of people. I am going to like this new series ( like them all!) but it is nice to know other people have misadventures too! This isn’t Hawaii related but a big misadventure. The gas station people in Las Vegas NEW MEXICO love when people come in asking how to get to the “strip”. They say “just go west for 12 hours”!

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