Honolulu’s Rainbow Drive-In: A Local Fave

Rainbow Drive-In, Honolulu
If you are looking for cheap, local eats in Honolulu, the Rainbow Drive-In will fit the bill. You’ll find this Honolulu favorite along Kapahulu Avenue, near the eastern edge of Waikiki.

If you’ve heard the Hawaii dishes of “mixed plate”, “plate lunch” and the “loco moco”, but you don’t know what they are, Rainbow Drive-In is a great place to learn about these Hawaii favorites first hand. Rainbow Drive-In has been serving those Hawaii staples since 1961. To have stayed in business that long, the food has got to be ‘ono, right? From our experience, it was pretty darn good and way more food than we could eat for under $7 per person.

Rainbow Drive-In Mixed Plate Lunch
Rainbow Drive-In Mixed Plate: Chicken, Beef and Mahi Mahi with Rice and Macaroni Salad

Per the Rainbow Drive-In website, “they insisted on quick, attentive service, because they knew that the working person had only a limited lunch period.” From our experience, they aren’t kidding about being speedy. We ordered our mixed plates and grabbed a table. We thought we’d be waiting for a while. It seemed as though they called our name within a minute of sitting down at a table. So, if you are in a hurry and/or want to grab a quick meal to go, this is a great place for you.

Rainbow Drive-In, HonoluluAs you can see from their menu, the prices are reasonable and great value for money considering your plates are heaped with food. Do be warned that Rainbow Drive-In is a typical Hawaii greasy spoon and not for those who are fat or calorie counting.

Rainbow Drive-In is located at the intersection of Kanaina Avenue and Kapahulu Avenue. A small parking area is available. It opens daily for breakfast at 7:30am.

For fans of the hit TV show, Lost, you might have recognized Rainbow Drive-In. In Season 5, Hurley and Sayid go to the Rainbow Drive-In to pick up some burgers. In the show, the Rainbow Drive-In was “set” in California. See this post, for more on finding Lost filming locations on Oahu.

Have you tried Rainbow Drive-In? Did you like it?

  1. Used to live Oahu and love Rainbow drive Inn!! Sooo ono and good aloha people! Miss them all so much.

  2. Food was great!! Looked just like the mixed plate in the picture above!! By the way the place was full at lunch time!! June 2010

  3. Used to live right up the street and loved the place. Almost always had the chicken cutlet. So good. It’s also the only place in the world where I eat their macaroni salad.

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