Unique Surfboard Fence on Maui

Surf Board Fence on Maui

As we were driving along Kaupakalua Road (Highways 365 and 400) from Maui’s Upcountry down towards the coast, we saw this most unusual surfboard fence. We just had to stop the car to admire this colorful fence and snap a picture.

The fence originated back in 1990 when the owner wanted to secure his surfboards in anticipation of a hurricane in 1990. Over the years the fence has grown. The fence has now become a retirement home, so to speak, for old surfboards. The owner has a sign saying that he welcomes folks to drop off their old surfboards for recycling. What an inventive project!

If you’d like to see this fence, perhaps you could make it a diversion on the day you drive the road to Hana. We saw it after we had watched sunrise on Haleakala, had breakfast at the Kula Lodge, and were on our way to make a special trip just to see the Garden of Eden off the road to Hana. Here’s a Google Map zoomed into the area. The surfboard fence is off of Highway 365 and 400 on the Kaupakalua Road.

Some useful Web sites to learn more:

  1. Thanks for this post. I had seen photos of this before, but it didn’t come to mind when we were planning our upcountry driving day next week.

    I’d love to fit this in if we can.

  2. @ Kris – it’s out of the way, but really cool to see. I hope you get a chance to find it sometime — whether this trip to Maui or one of the many other trips. 🙂

  3. Hoping to find it in February. Mentioned it during Maui tweetup on Sunday, and one of my tweeps used to live right near there.

    Looks like I might have found a tour guide for this next time 🙂

  4. I love that fence. where is mine???? :)))

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