Hawaii Fact 16 of 50: Island Nicknames

Did you know that each of the eight major Hawaiian Islands has a nickname based on a distinguishing characteristic? Here’s the list of island nicknames:

Hawaii – The Big Island

Maui – The Valley Isle (also the Magic Isle)

Lana’i – The Pineapple Isle

Molokai – The Friendly Isle

Oahu – The Gathering Place

Kauai – The Garden Isle

Niihau – The Forbidden Isle

Kahoolawe – The Target Isle

  1. Aloha! Just a note that “The Magic Isles” (plural) is a marketing tag line somewhat more recently created, meant to encompass all three islands of Maui, Molokai and Lanai. 🙂 Sharon

  2. The nickname for Kahoolawe is both a little funny, but sad at the same time. I know there’s restoration efforts in progress, but hopefully someday soon those effects can all be reversed.

  3. The Big Island was also “The Orchid Island” and “The Volcano Island”
    Kahoʻolawe was both “The Target Island” and “The Lonely Island”

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