Hawaii Fact 15 of 50: No Billboards In The 50th State

Winding Waimea Canyon Drive

When you visit Hawaii, you won’t be bombarded with billboard advertisements. In fact, you won’t see billboards at all. Hawaii is one of four states that ban billboards.  (Alaska, Maine and Vermont are the other three states with billboard bans.) The Outdoor Circle has championed the Aloha State’s billboard-free efforts.

  1. Its great! – It can be a serious challenge to get a sign permit of any kind.

    Also… I just read this in the news today:

    Just looking at the picture above… Try to visualize it with and then without the Oscar Meyer Wienermobile on the road. Isn’t it so much nicer with out the Wienermobile on the road? ;^)

  2. @ Dave – ha…who knew that the wienermobile might cause controversy in Hawaii.

    I wish Hawaii would regulate banners and homemade signs too. When I visited Molokai a couple of years ago, the island was littered with signs against a potential development. They were so bad that they actually made me feel uncomfortable and really unwelcomed to the island. That’s just one example.

  3. “I wish Hawaii would regulate banners and homemade signs too.”

    So do I! It’s just a bunch of trash as far as I am concerned.

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