Hawaii in Contrasts: Orange Canyons and Green Valleys

We continue our Hawaii in contrast series with a visit to the west side of Kauai where you’ll find a distinct contrast between two adjacent state parks — Waimea Canyon and Kokee. These two parks share the same winding road, Highway 550, that leads you to contrasting views from the Waimea Canyon to the Kalalau Valley in a distance of less than ten miles.

As you drive Highway 550, first you’ll encounter the ten-mile long, one-mile wide, and 3,600 foot deep Waimea Canyon.

Waimea Canyon

Then, as you carry on the road into Kokee State Park, you’ll find a couple of look outs for the Kalalau Valley at the Na Pali Coast.

Kalalau Valley

I highly recommend  a visit to these two parks and that’s why I suggest a drive or tour to these parks is a must do if you only have a day on Kauai.

See more photos from Waimea Canyon and Kokee State Parks.

What do you think of this contrast of scenery? Do you also find it amazing that these two views are within a short drive of each other?

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  1. They are both stunning views and definitely worth seeing if you make it to Kauai–the photos don’t even do the views justice!

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